Kitchener Comic Con 2017

We didn’t have a table this year and couldn’t go until Sunday but it was still a good time.

William Byrne with The Canadian Shield comic pic 2

William Byrne with his superhero comic book startup The North Shield.


Budding writer CA King holding The Portal Prophecies, the first of the A Keeper’s Destiny.  Her son in the background designed the covers.


I thought these members of Alura Larp were threatened by me until this happened:


And they had to fight off an evil NPC!

Alura Larp bring D&D’s Fantasy-fiction games to life on weekends.  I’ve included their info below:  or  (905-348-5443)

Batman vs Spiderman

If you look closely you can see Batman and Spiderman confronting one another while a Ghostbuster looks on.