Artist and Models

Along time ago, before even high school my brother brought me over to Randy Bugdale’s house.  Might have been to discuss a film they were making with Super 8 (I just remember miniature cars and houses getting set on fire.  Randy will read this at some point and correct me on why we were at his house).  What amazed me was a black & white poster Randy had of a topless girl.  I asked him where he got the poster and told me:  ‘I drew it.’

Before I started working on a certain Sci-fi series I can’t talk about right now, I thought Randy was dead or had moved.  Through a mutual friend I found out he was still only five minutes walk away.  So we met, discussed, said Sci-fi series, he did the initial artwork and we moved on (while someone else completes the story).

Randy’s art for BRACKISH, part of an exciting sci-fi series I am working on with my brother!

Randy told me not to ask him to do pointillism again.  We spent weeks that became months discussing the artwork for BRACKISH.

Brackish for Amazon blue and some colour dpi 600 (5) COLOUR JPEG use darker

I told Randy my idea for the Children of the Myth Machine series instead. I was able to get Danielle Ruban-Marin, Samantha Nichols, Gloria Antwi, and Joanne Gosling as models. Randy said he wanted to try pencil crayon and the art for two of the books is now complete (The Queen will be available after December 2017).

I asked Sam Nichols to model for Sylvia and told her my idea of what Sylvia should be doing.  We couldn’t meet up so Sam put her camera on timer on a windy day and stepped in front.  She’s both model and photographer!

Cover Sylvia with Amazon logo

Sylvia for Children of Myth
Sam’s self portrait.

For Lucy and the Snivel Chair I was taking pictures of Joanne for a future Children of the Myth Machine book called Miya when Joanne asked me if she should look scared.  I thought the picture would be perfect for the cover of Lucy and the Snivel Chair.

Lucy 7 (5555) - with Amazon Book logo

Joanne is a makeup artist who specializes in wedding makeup.  I dedicated a page to on the website, so have a look.  If you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region you can contact her at:

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