Future Wake, a government supported space company is sending eight ships to colonize the eight habitable planets discovered by the Kepler spacecraft.  The company knows it’s running out of time as the super volcano, the Yellowstone Caldera, is about to erupt.

Captain Jack Frontman is ordered to command the spaceship Whispers, the seventh of the Future Wake ships built secretly on the International Space Station.  His orders are to establish a colony made up of clones on a damp and vicious world called Brackish.  Jack’s dislike of cloning is challenged when he finds out some of the children he is to protect are clones of people he knew.  And there is the other matter…the one that means the most to him.

Brackish for Amazon blue and some colour dpi 600 (5) COLOUR JPEG use darker

Excerpt from Brackish:

“Face-to-face she tells him, “We can’t put a large group in stasis; we need clones.  And, everything we do costs; the ships, the clones, the AI’s, everything!  Do you want to be a potential savior for the human race?  Do you want to be in the history books as someone who made a difference, who went where no one else has, who opened the doors for others?”  She leans back again, “or remembered as someone who could have, should have but did not?”

  • Future Wake President Elizabeth Shield to Captain Jack Lance Frontman

Brackish is the first book published in the Future Wake series.  It’s now available through

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