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Bran finds out he has been accepted to the Bard campus his father once apprenticed at.  But its harvest time so his parents cannot go with him. 

As he says good-bye to his mother she places her hand on his shirt where a gemstone rests against his chest.  She hugs him and tells him he must return the gemstone to its rightful owner. 

Inside his father’s blacksmith shop he stares at a broken sword on a ledge above the entrance and realizes he is about to journey alone into unfamiliar lands.  Before Bran goes his father gives him a dagger made from a strange metal and warns him that traveling is more dangerous now.

This is an epic tale about music and magic; of meeting a giant, a demon, and traveling through a land ruled by an immortal emperor gone mad.  There are castles and battles, and most importantly, the quest to return the gemstone to its rightful owner. 


Future Wake, a government supported space company is sending eight ships to colonize the eight habitable planets discovered by the Kepler spacecraft.  The company knows it’s out of time as the super volcano, the Yellowstone Caldera, is about to erupt, devastating North America.

Captain Jack Frontman is commanded to captain Whispers, the seventh of the Future Wake ships built secretly on the International Space Station.  His orders are to establish a colony made up of clones on a damp and vicious world called Brackish.  His dislike of cloning is challenged when he finds out some of the children he is to protect are clones of people he knew.  And there is the other matter…the one that means the most to him.

Queen of Caelum

The first book in the Children of the Myth Machine series

Terren Foe knows what it’s like to be a slave.  On the world Sierra he was mutilated and mechanical parts added to his body so he could fight as a gladiator against Children of Myth.  Now he’s landed on Terra Verte to help the Queen of Meiosis capture the slaver, Thrain.  He has three weeks to complete his task and already his mechanical parts are malfunctioning.


Sylvia is the second book in the Children of the Myth Machine series.

Sylvia froze in terror as the two familiar lights fell from the sky.  She remembered what came with those lights and how they stole her sister from her.  She pressed her palm against the bark of a sugar maple and sent a warning.  This time they were prepared.  Human slavers would steal no more Children of the Forest.


(Book three of the Children of the Myth Machine series)

Achebe a member of the draoi ársa is imprisoned on the dead world Sårad Värld.  So far she has refused to tell the Cinn group where the genetic marvel the reliquia viviente is…

Lucy and the Snivel Chair

Something strange is happening in Cambridge, Ontario.  A young woman is caught stealing a jersey and kept in a police cell over night.  In the morning the police find a teenage boy in the cell instead.  Other peculiar occurrences start to happen and RCMP officer Lucy J. Lightning is called in.  Before something tragic happens, Lucy must solve the case of the Snivel Chair.

(Teen to Young Adult Fiction)

Healing the Temple of the Soul

Cynthia Stevens hugs herself as she stands in front of the girl’s bathroom mirror at her high school. She’s wearing her father’s blue cardigan sweater and its warmth comforts her.  Over her thickening blonde hair sits a Blue Jays baseball cap her older brother Chad gave her after his last visit to The Valley Stream Home where she stayed for more than six months. On her left wrist dangles her little sister Faye’s gold bracelet. For a long moment she stares into the school’s mirror, no longer afraid to face herself.  There are still dark bags under her blue eyes and her cheeks–though fuller–still look too shallow. Her father, brother and sister are going to help her continue healing, but without Dr. Lyndon and the Girls’ Gang she doubts she would still be alive today.

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