34th and Vine Jewellery Design by Kait McCord

DSC_4094 (2)

When I first saw the jewellery Kait was making it blew me away.  The pictures I have on here don’t really demonstrate the detail she puts into her work.  I was so intrigued with her work that we collaborated on designs specifically for the characters in my upcoming books:  BARD and Achebe to wear.

For better images go to Instagram page:  http://www.instagram.com/34thandvinejewellerydesign

Or e-mail her at:  34thandvinejewellerydesign@gmail.com




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Kaitlyn is wearing an Ankh, Kait made.  I was so intrigued at Kait’s work I included an Ankh charm throughout the Hierarchy of the Undead:  A Gothic Horror Musical novel.

DSC_3627 (2)

A front shot of Kaitlyn wearing the Ankh charm.  Kait has a much clearer shot of the Ankh’s craftsmanship on her 34thandvinejewellerydesign Instagram account.

Kaitlyn, Ankh, Brackish - Copy (2)

The magical wand charm:

Leah, my friend from Ireland and one of the advisers for my books.

Leah Weir wearing Kait's wand Charm2

Kristen wearing the wand charm on Christmas Eve.


DSC_4085 (2)


My niece Rachel wearing the magical wand charm.

Raye wearing Kait's magical wand

The teacup charm:

The teacup charm that Kait gave my mother, Helen, gives you some idea of the detail Kait adds to her designs.



Kait designed both the earrings and acorn charm.  That’s my sister-in-law Jenny wearing the earrings.


Sun Charm and necklace!

Sun Charm

Gloria Antwi wearing theAdinkra Symbols earring for the upcoming novel ACHEBE (the 3rd novel in the Children of the Myth Machine series).   In thanks to Gloria I’d like to mention: La Sab Hotel, Ghana–South Africa

Use for Cover Gloria as Achebe purple and brighter lettering
Gloria Antwi wearing Adinkra Symbol earrings for the upcoming book Achebe


Gloria Antwi wearing Adinkra Symbol earrings for the upcoming book Achebe
Gloria Antwi wearing Adinkra Symbol earrings for the upcoming book Achebe

More Images Coming Soon….!

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