A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates! Blog Eighty-Seven

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A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates!  BOOK Three  (Part Fourteen: Blog Eighty-Seven) 


By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris, co-authors of the Rita Walker series

* “Dizzying Blade” portrayed by Maegan Curlyo (picture by Ben Kraehling)

Sadie throws her first throwing knife into the thigh of the Nuevo Conquistador the Cannibal hasn’t claimed.  It isn’t necessary, she realizes, when she sees Umi’s arrow sticking through his neck.  The second one she lets fly into the thigh of the Cannibal’s feast.  Exactly into the area that will cause him to bleed out if he doesn’t tend to it.

“Why?” the Cannibal’s prey cries out.

“Shhh,” the Cannibal says in such a soothing tone that Sadie needs to shake her head not to succumb to it herself.  “Your friend was going to kill me,” she says with a pained expression.  “These are my sisters.  They hate your comrades for all the horrible things they do to others.”

“But we had it done to us, so it must be the will of God,” the Nuevo Conquistador says between sobs. 

“Molesting, rape, and abuse, is never the will of God,” The Witch says, in a stern and terrifying voice that shocks Sadie.  “Especially of children.”

“What can I do?” the Nuevo Conquistador begs the Cannibal to tell him.

“Let me feed first, to cleanse you,” the Cannibal replies, stroking his already half devoured hand.  “And The Witch, as you call her, will tell you how to atone for your and your brethren’s sins.”

Sadie can’t help but be impressed, almost jealous of The Witch and the Cannibal’s adlib scheming.

Once the Cannibal has completed eating the now unconscious Nuevo Conquistador’s entire hand, and is only crunching the smaller bones, she walks up to Sadie.

“Should we let him bleed out, or try to use him?” the Cannibal asks her.

“Will he do what you ask him to?” she asks, already forming a plan.

“I believe so.”

Sadie thinks for a moment then smiles.  “He needs to cleanse the wrongdoings of his crew by anointing each cabin or abode, while they sleep within, with an ointment we brought.”

“There are innocents, kept in cages,” The Witch says with urgency, “used for….,” The Witch’s voice breaks.  Sadie sees her gulp in deep breaths, “within shabby abodes.  And giants, made to sleep in pens, with only an open lean to in which to sleep under.”

“Never kill an ally,” Sadie tells her with a grin.

Taylor Norris, RMT, as First Mate ‘One Eye’ Olanis:  taynorris@gmail.com (Kitchener-Waterloo)

The Witch’s (cloak by Creaturre Clothing: https://www.instagram.com/creaturreclothing/?hl=en, dual blade knife by fireandsteel.ca)

With thanks to Joanne Gosling (Navigator ‘Storm Caller’ Master Jo Anne): Joanne is an Interior Decorator who specializes in closets: Jgosling@calclosets.com Calclosetsjoanne or Joannegosling22@gmail.com

Leah Weir (Helmswoman ‘Wheel Turner’ Synthia): model and cover editor (pictures by: professional family and baby photographer Kimberley Lee (kimberleyleephotography.co.uk); (El Cid Rapier by blades-uk.com)

Andraya Watt as Assistant-Master-at-Arms, Amelie

Maegan Curlyo as Master-at-Arms “Dizzying Blade” Sadie (pictures of Maegan by Ben Kraehling)

With Thanks To:

Fire & Steel for the Medieval Rapier:  http://fireandsteel.ca/

Creaturre Clothing: https://www.instagram.com/creaturreclothing/?hl=en

Alex Watt for background pictures

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