A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates!  BOOK Three  (Part Fourteen: Blog Seventy-two)

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A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates!  BOOK Three  (Part Fourteen: Blog Seventy-two) By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris, co-authors of the Rita Walker series

“How are you going to keep Ship Builder from going to the island?” Sadie asks as she glances from the map to the gallery’s windows.  Outside a fog has grown thick.

“By leaving him on the Freya,” Alejandro replies with a gruff sigh.

Sadie cocks an eye at the Admiral.  “Olanis loves to torture him.”

“Yes,” Alejandro replies, “And that will keep him occupied.  The Freya is watching the main port of the island.  A girl will be in the crow’s ’nest at all times on the Nagua, watching for a flag signal from the Freya.”

“And us?” Sadie asks, referring to herself, Umi, and Thelma “The Cannibal”.

“Once you land, you’re on your own.  We have supplies already.  Including ointment to darken your skin, and some ceramic flasks full of burn juice.”

“I missed all this!?”  She isn’t happy that the Admiral didn’t include her in the preparation.

“You had a head wound from the battle,” Alejandra replies, looking up from the map with a concerned expression.

“How long?” she asks.

“Almost a week.”

“Who took care of me?” she asks suspiciously, eyes darting from one of her officer sisters to the next.

“We all took turns in threes,” Alejandra replies.

“Oh,” she says.  Her rage when awoken was well known, it seems.

“I was one of them,” Thelma “The Cannibal” says with a kindly grin.

“Well, I’m fine now,” Sadie says with a flick of her hair. 

She steps outside where the air has turned grey and the bourbon coloured moon, Eau-de-vie, is passing by the sun.  Standing against the gunwale as mist blows around her, she counts all her fingers and thumbs.   

  • Maegan Curlyo as Master-at-Arms “Dizzying Blade” Sadie (picture by Ben Kraehling)
  • (weapons by fireandsteel.ca)  (background by Krissy Karmaschek)  
  • Taylor Norris, RMT, as First Mate ‘One Eye’ Olanis:  taynorris@gmail.com (Kitchener-Waterloo)
  • With thanks to Joanne Gosling (Navigator ‘Storm Caller’ Master Jo Anne): Joanne is an Interior Decorator who specializes in closets: Jgosling@calclosets.com Calclosetsjoanne or Joannegosling22@gmail.com
  • Leah Weir (Helmswoman ‘Wheel Turner’ Synthia): model and cover editor;
  • Andraya Watt as Assistant-Master-at-Arms, Amelie
  • Maegan Curlyo as Master-at-Arms “Dizzying Blade” Sadie (pictures of Maegan by Ben Kraehling)    
  • With Thanks To: Fire & Steel for the Medieval Rapier:  http://fireandsteel.ca/
  • Alex Watt for background pictures
  • Daiana Duca for background pictures
  • Krissy Karmaschek for background pictures
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