Honour The Belt #18

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


(Editing by Brandon Gray and Darren Joy)

“We have everything ready,” The Source says in Bas the Brutal’s office.  He’s sitting at the back of the room on the left side of Bas the Brutal while Autumn Spring sits on the right.  All of them are staring at the monitor Autumn Spring turned around on Bas the Brutal’s desk.

The Source notices Bas the Brutal getting more uptight as Autumn Spring clicks through a Power Point slide projection of the different wrestlers who have agreed to work with their promotion. 

“I think Mamacita will be a real crowd draw,” he hears Autumn Spring say.

The Source leans towards Bas the Brutal.  “Something wrong Bas?”

“Do you have a Caesar or Zenobia, Autumn?” The Source hears frustration in Bas’s voice.     

As Autumn quickly clicks through the alphabetically listed wrestlers, The Source asks, “Why?”

Bas the Brutal turns to him and replies, “The twins you sent me mentioned an unfortunate name from the past, Ted Rampant.   They also said he has a nephew going by the performance name, Caesar.  This Caesar broke another wrestler’s neck in a very questionable way.  Rampant called me yesterday.  He got wind of our promotion idea.  Says his nephew is the perfect choice as champion.  I told him the belt had to be earned and there was a long list of achievements.  ‘Trust me,’ he says, ‘My nephew is perfect and.’  He paused then, so I ask, ‘And?’  He tells me in a flurry of words, ‘My youngest daughter from my fifth wife would be perfect as your women’s champion’.  I reminded him the belt has to be earned, and added, the promoters will discuss who the champions will be.  Again, there’s a pause.  Finally, I hear him say, ‘we might have to have our own belts and a separate promotion.  Let me know if you decide to do things my way.’  Then he hangs up.”

The Source looks over at Autumn.  “We just don’t include them,” she says with a shrug.

“He has friends in high places, and his territory is the richest and most populace,” Bas the Brutal says with a snarl in his voice.  “It would be a long drive to by-pass his territory.”

The Source watches as Autumn clicks on the name Zenobia.  A tall, young woman, with coloured skin and long blonde hair snarls back at them.  She’s unnaturally muscular to the point her jaw almost looks square.  The Source takes out his cell phone and searches: Zenobia wrestler.

“This isn’t good,” he mutters.


I will be taking July off from blogging and returning in August along with co-author Taylor Norris with the continuation of A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates!

Thanks to:

Brandon Gray for portraying The Source and Robin Gray for makeup and photo

Honorable Mentions:

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

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