Honour The Belt #16

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


(Editing by Brandon Gray and Darren Joy)

Bas the Brutal types in Google Search, wrestlers named Caesar.  “It’s spelt the same as Caesar?”

“Yes,” Brokkr tells him.

“I see different spellings but not Caesar.  He might not get sued.”

“He should get sued,” he hears Goriath say under his breath.

“Who’s his uncle?”

“Ted Rampant,” Brokkr replies.

“I know him,” Bas the Brutal replies with a groan.  “I didn’t think he would be still in the wrestling business.  So, that could be a problem.”  The whole conversation today was about creating a North American grassroots promotion.  Multimedia would be the platform to advertise and for expansion.  Ted Rampant owned a number of higher end car dealerships.  He was known in the past to be a promoter in the wrestling business with a handshake made out of air.  That could be a problem because another goal was to have collaborative promoters run the different territories like in the old days.  Not just in North America but internationally. “What we’re looking for is wrestlers and others who love the business and are willing to create the promotion from scratch.  Meaning it’s a hobby until we start making money.”

“We’re both interested,” Brokkr says with a side glance at his twin.

Bas the Brutal sees Goriath nod.

“We work for our father’s concrete company,” Goriath says.  “We can travel a couple of times a week and survive the low pay.”

“Because of your size Goriath, unless another wrestler shows up bigger, you can never lose fairly.  The other tag team should always try to keep you in the ring Brokkr.  Goriath, you need to yell and scream, stomp impatiently, while reaching for your twin’s hand.  That will let the crowd know how desperate you are to get into the ring.  If you two are doing individual matches, the other should be ringside.  Even in single matches though, Goriath never loses fairly.  He’s a giant!”

“Is it possible for one of us to win the belt?”  Brokkr asks. 

Bas the Brutal sees the doubt in Brokkr’s eyes.  “Outside of a performance, wrestlers are brothers and sisters.  During a performance, you are the greatest wrestler that ever lived.  A professional wrestler is a stunt person who acts; a superhero or supervillain; an athlete; often an acrobat; and always, always the best.  If you lose a match, have an excuse, even if you shake your opponent’s hand.  You were struggling with an injury, under the weather, dealing with personal matters or, most often, your opponent cheated.” 

“That doesn’t really answer my question,” He hears Brokkr say.

“I could decide today who I, as one of the promoters, wants to wear the belt,” Bas the Brutal says, leaning in towards Brokkr.  “But if another wrestler surprises me with their work ethic, crowd reaction whether they love or hate him, I might change my mind.”

“So, me and my brother have a chance?”

“Everyone has a chance.”  He doesn’t say it but Goriath may never wear the belt.  Not because he’ll never deserve it, but because, if he plays his role right, won’t need it.

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