Honour The Belt #13

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


2 Weeks Later

On the third knock the door to a two-storey townhouse opens.  The Source smiles down at a very fit, petite girl with thick reddish black hair, and glistening brown cheeks with adorable freckles.  He carefully leans over her six-month belly, and hugs her.  “Hey Sally, I came to see how much the PEMF machine has helped our Bionic Man,” he says.

“Very much,” she replies.  She puts a hand firmly onto his chest and in a stern voice, whispers, “So much, he’s thinking of re-enlisting.”

“Don’t worry,” he whispers back.  “He owes us years of his life for getting him the machine.”

“Good.  I want three years of him here to help with this little one,” she replies and removes her hand from his chest to place it on her belly.  “The machine has helped a lot, and with the new arm, he can help out with my security business.  He has it set up downstairs.”

The Source walks down the short hall with all its army pictures of The Bionic Man and Sally.  Just before the tiny kitchen he turns left and walks down the basement stairs.

“Come to try it out?” The Bionic Man asks him while doing alternate dumbbell curls.

“It’s dark down here,” The Source says, squinting his eyes at the exercise mat surrounded by dumbbell and kettlebells. 

“Helps me focus.  It’s by the furnace.  I put it on a cot so it’s elevated a bit.  Lie down.”

The Source lies down on the mat.  “Comfortable,” he comments.

“Let me set it up for you.  I’ll put it at the same levels as I use.  Now, the air conditioner is on, so I’m going to cover you with a blanket.  Unmoving bodies get cold, and here’s new earplugs to block out the noise.”

“Is there something I shouldn’t be hearing?” The Source asks with a lopsided grin.

“Maybe,” The Bionic Man says.  “Put the earplugs in, and I’ll check on you in an hour or so.”

The Source feels a strange sensation.  A mixture of comfort and tranquility.

To learn more about PEMF machines:

Contact:  Adrian Armstrong

At:  iwandtheworld@gmail.com

Thanks to:

Brandon Gray for portraying The Source (and content) and Robin Gray for makeup and photo

Honorable Mentions:


Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

Professional Wrestling Links:

Celtic Warrior Workout (with Sheamus)  * because I’m a fitness trainer as well as an author

Renee Paquette

The Broken Skull Sessions

The Kurt Angle Show

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