Honour The Belt #11

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


Autumn doesn’t know either of these wrestlers.  She was prepared to commentate on a tag team match, not tag team wrestlers battling in singles, especially against each other.

“Goriath goes to grab Brokkr, but Brokkr just did a tuck and roll between Goriath’s legs.  Brokkr seems to be the faster of the two.  Oh, that must hurt!  Brokkr just drove his shoulder into the back of one of Goriath’s legs.  Goriath is on his knees.  Now Brokkr has him in the sleeper.  This could be the surprise match of the night folks.  Brokkr is putting the giant to sleep.  Wait!  This is incredible!  Goriath has his right hand clenched and raised above his head.  Goriath is struggling towards the rope.  With his long arms he is able to grab a rope.  The referee is insisting Brokkr breaks his hold.

“Both wrestlers are on their feet now.  They’re charging each other.  Goriath tries to clothesline Brokkr but Brokkr easily ducks underneath.  This time Goriath grabs Brokkr.  He has Brokkr up in the air.  Oh, the referee needs to check on Brokkr.  I’ve never seen a powerbomb done so brutally.  Is Brokkr even conscious?

“Amazing, absolutely unbelievable!  Brokkr has just raised an arm to say he can continue.  His stamina must be inhuman to still be conscious, yet alone, to continue.

“Brokkr is definitely dazed.  He’s stumbling onto his feet, obviously struggling to get his bearing.  Goriath just put his mammoth hands around Brokkr’s throat.  Brokkr just grabbed one of Goriath’s wrists with both of his hands.  Ouch, that looks so painful.  Brokkr is twisting Goriath’s thumb back.  Goriath is stomping his one foot and though it’s impossible to see through his mask he must be grimacing in terrible pain.  Brokkr has Goriath’s thumb bent back so far, it looks like it’s about to snap!

“Goriath just punched Brokkr in the face.  Brokkr is still holding onto the thumb.  Goriath punches Brokkr again.  Brokkr has let go of Goriath’s hand and is stumbling around.” 

The referee glances her way.  Autumn raises her index finger into the air. 

“The referee presses against Goriath.  The giant screams in rage but stays against the ropes.  She’s checking on Brokkr.  He’s nodding, he wants to continue, but folks, I’m not sure he even knows where he is after those two thunderous punches.

“Brokkr charges at Goriath.  This is horrible.  Goriath just did a frontal kick right into Brokkr’s face!  The referee needs to call for help!  What a monster!  Goriath is trying to get at Brokkr.  The referee is trying to hold the brute back.”

With one hand still on Goriath, the referee makes a signal.  Autumn rings the bell to end the match.

“Hold on!  Here comes The Bionic Man.  And now The Electrician.  But can they stop this savage giant from literally destroying Brokkr?  This is unbelievable ladies and gentlemen! Absolutely unbelievable!  Brokkr is getting up!  I have never seen someone take so much punishment and recover so quickly.  Brokkr has just grabbed his war hammer off the table.  Now he’s swinging it while stepping ever closer to Goriath.  Goriath is staring at the war hammer in utter terror.  The giant is stepping over the ropes.  He’s jumped on the floor and heading towards the stage curtains.  And Brokkr is right behind him.

“What an incredible night folks.  I hope you were as entertained and amazed tonight as I was.  Don’t forget to keep your ticket stubs and check out Honourthebelt.com.  Good-night everyone!  This is Autumn Spring for Honour The Belt Productions, signing out.”

Thanks to:

Jennifer Deslaurier for portraying Autumn Spring

Honorable Mentions:

Kairi Sane (not just a professional wrestler but also a pirate!)

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

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Celtic Warrior Workout (with Sheamus)  * because I’m a fitness trainer as well as an author

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