Honour The Belt: #10

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


Autumn Spring takes a long swig of her water.  The last match is going to be bizarre.  A 7’2” (218.5 cm) wrestler taking on a 4’ (122 cm) wrestler.  She grew up around wrestlers.  The height difference is unusual but the fact that the wrestlers are fraternal twins is bizarre.  It was supposed to be the brothers against another tag team, but the other tag team bailed last minute. 

Okay, here we go, she thinks.  A slow, pounding bass drum, blares throughout the auditorium.  There’s a loud gasp from the crowd as a giant man with broad shoulders steps out from behind the curtains at the back.  He’s wearing a brown leather mask, and tanned coloured shorts covered in faux brown fur.  Long blond hair flows over his bulging traps.  With his boots on he’s 7’4” (223.5 cm). 

“This may be the biggest wrestler the world has ever seen,” Autumn says into her mic.  “He must be close to eight feet tall!  Goriath is his name but you might want to call him, Sir, if you see him on the street.  Or just run away!”

As Goriath steps over the top rope, an electric guitar solo blasts through the auditorium.  Bounding out from behind the stage’s curtain is a young man with wide shoulders, a massive chest, short powerful looking arms, and stubby boulder shaped legs.  He wears an ill-fitting mask exactly the same grey colour as The Bionic Man’s.  His shorts are brown with faux fur, just like Goriath’s.  Even his boots are the same colour as Goriath’s.  She hopes the crowd doesn’t notice.  The wrestler wields a LARP war hammer that looks incredibly real.

“Brokkr, the master craftsman of legend,” she says into her mic.  “As wide and thick as he is tall, will he be a match for the gargantuan Goriath?  Their similar trunks and boots, suggests they came from the same past.  I wonder if they were friend or foe?  Is this a battle between two former friends?  A battle over an ancient wrong?  So far, only these two know.  But the rage in Brokkr’s face suggests a past grievance against Goriath.

“Brokkr is wielding his war hammer as he stalks Goriath around the ring.  The referee, is keeping her distance, while insisting Brokkr put down his deadly hammer.  Perhaps in the past he could use it to defeat Goriath but not in the ring.  Brokkr has tenderly set down his war hammer.  The referee is struggling to lift it.  She’s signaling me to take it.  This war hammer is so heavy, I can only imagine how much damage it would cause if Brokkr actually used it.”

On the referee’s signal, Autumn rings the bell.

Thanks to:

Jennifer Deslaurier for portraying Autumn Spring

Honorable Mentions:

Nhoop Al-Areebi (@aliyahwwe)

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

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