A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates!  (Part Six: Blog Thirty-Four)

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A Motley Sisterhood of Pirates!  (Part Six: Blog Thirty-Four)

By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris, co-authors of the Rita Walker series

Master Jo Anne grimaces.  An idea comes to her that could save her life—for a moment at least.  She finds Janet asleep in the hold beside Nippie.  Gently she shakes Janet and whispers, “I need you to sing for me, m’love.”

Janet wakes up with a stir and Master Jo Anne is shocked by the absolute look of hate and terror she sees in Janet’s eyes.  But the glaring stare softness with recognition. 

“You want me to sing?” Janet asks in a sweet, grumpy voice.

“Aye lass, a lovely tune,” Master Jo Anne says with a kind smile.  With tender steps so as not to wake the rum infused girls sleeping, she leads Janet to the deck.

They walk past the girls who are raising the sails to ‘One Eye’s’ singing and mandolin playing.   Master Jo Anne holds a hand up for Janet to stay just outside of ‘Dizzying Blade’s’ room.  “Don’t out sing First Mate Olanis,” She tells Janet, “but sing that lovely song you sing during full moons.  Our Master-at-arms loves that song and it’s her birthday soon.”  She has no idea when anyone’s birthday is but it could be true.

“My heart is broken,” Janet sings in a soprano voice full of sorrow.

For the full moon reminds

Reminds me of cannon ball fire

Reminds me of rape and pillage

Master Jo Anne covers her ears as Janet wails:



Does the moon grow full…

“Oh, shut your trap!  Please Janet!” she hears ‘Dizzying Blade’ cry out. “I hate that song!” Master Jo Anne hears lament in ‘Dizzying Blade’s’ voice.

Janet turns to her.  “You said she loves this song.”  Master Jo Anne doesn’t miss the accusatory look now on Janet’s face.

“She loves it,” she assures Janet, “but maybe only on full moons.”  Turning to ‘Dizzying Blade’s’ door she shouts.  “Captain wants you on the pinnace.”

There’s a sound of something banging and an unmentionable string of words from ‘Dizzying Blade’.  “I’ll be there in a moment but I need to use the Head first.  Now where’s that throwing knife I was sharpening.”

“Go back to bed now Janet,” Master Jo Anne says with a thankful smile.  “You did awfully wonderful for me.”

“Okay, but that was strange,” Janet says as she walks off with groggy steps.

Master Jo Anne wonders if Janet is the only one that doesn’t have to say “Aye, aye sir.”

Dan Watt is the author of BARD an epic fantasy story

Taylor Norris, RMT, as First Mate ‘One Eye’ Olanis:  taynorris@gmail.com

With thanks to Joanne Gosling (Navigator ‘Storm Caller’ Master Jo Anne): Joanne is an Interior Decorator who specializes in closets: Jgosling@calclosets.com Calclosetsjoanne or Joannegosling22@gmail.com;

Leah Weir (Helmswoman ‘Wheel Turner’ Synthia): model and cover editor;

Fire & Steel for the Medieval Rapier:  http://fireandsteel.ca/

Alex Watt for background pictures

Daiana Duca for background pictures

Krissy Karmaschek for background pictures

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