Daughter of the Bear (Blog Twelve) by Dan Watt

Daughter of the Bear (Blog Twelve) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum,  References at bottom of page.


Achojah waits with him outside the front doors of the Tsar while Cy leaves to get their car.  “It’s good for you to correct Cy,” Achojah tells him.

They are speaking in Russia but he can just hear a tinge of Urhobo accent.  He remembers Negasi preparing himself and Achojah to infiltrate a drug cartel in South Africa.  As Negasi was complementing him on his plainness and ability to blend in Negasi added that he wished Achojah were smaller and less fit.  ‘He is nearly the perfect spy you know,’ Negasi told him.  His skin can be lightened or darkened so easily.  And his nose is neither long nor flares out so prosthetics is easy.  If only he didn’t get the genetics for muscle and height from both his parents.  ‘And I got my father’s physique and both my parents’ skin tone,’ he had said in reply with a semi-true lament.  ‘Yes, you are just plain but your skin just won’t darken.  You’ll be fine in South Africa.  Achojah though, can work almost anywhere.’ ‘But the orient,’ he added.  ‘But the orient,’ Negasi had agreed then added, “Though Ana can.’  Remembering that conversation makes him long to be with Ana.

A bright green Lada Priora pulls up to the curb.  Achojah pretends to help him into the back seat before putting his carryon bag and cane in the trunk.  From the backseat he sees Cy push onto the top of a black, globe shaped object attached to the top of the dashboard.  A rainbow coloured light flickers all around the diameter for ten seconds.

“All secure,” Cy says as he grins into the rear-view mirror.  “What’s going on with Baby Bear?” he asks in Russia but this time allowing his Spanish accent to show.

“She’s made a company called Morok Industries very angry,” he says with a sigh.  “A Viktor Ivanov asked me to find her so she can debug the software she added a virus to for whatever they are doing.”

“Mia, who owns Morok Industries?” Achojah asks towards the globe.

“Morok Industries,” a female voice replies in Russian, “is owned by the Prevoskhodyashchiy Family.”

“Mia, who is Viktor Ivanov the CEO of Morok Industries?” Achojah asks.

“Viktor Ivanov CEO of Morok Industries was born Vladimir Yefimovich Ivanov.  He is a geologist and economist.  He is also a member of the Prevoskhodyashchiy Family.”

“Mia, what does Morok Industries specialize in?”

“Hydraulic Fracking.  The company has infuriated environmentalists by negotiating to restart hydraulic fracking even though it was banned in 2012.

“Mia, what is the Prevoskhodyashchiy Family known for?”

“There is speculation that some of the family members continue to trophy hunt and are involved in the sale of endanger species.”

Achojah turns to him.  “Anything else?”

“No, that’s enough for now,” he says as cold sweat pours down his face.








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