Daughter of the Bear (Blog Eight) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum, References at bottom of page.

Daughter of the Bear (Blog Eight) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum,  References at bottom of page.


As he disembarks into Pulkovo Airport he heads immediately to a gift shop.  There he buys two bottles of Beluga Noble and a Vector Realistic Corkscrew.  The wooden handle of the corkscrew gives a good grip.  He won’t have a chance to sand down the spiral of the cork so it can enter and be pulled out easily.

He purposely sits on the benches near the bus stop.  There he takes the bottles of Beluga out of their bag and squeezes them into his luggage bag.  As he fiddles around inside with the bottles he removes his makeup kit, phones, and the telescoping cane and places them into his carryon bag.  The agents following him, who he now calls Salt and pepper and goatee are nearby.  Salt and pepper is farther back and inconspicuous while goatee sits on a bench directly across from him pretending to talk into his cell.  He takes in a deep breath and heads towards the men’s bathroom.

Goatee is purposely following him.  As he enters the bathroom he sees goatee enter one of the stalls.  He finds three unoccupied stalls in a row and places his luggage bag inside one of the stalls on an angle so that it will be hard to see if anyone is sitting inside.  He locks the stall door and slides into the next stall.

There he inverts his jacket, turns his hat inside out and pushes the lens of his glasses so the plastic is convex and the different coloured inside arms are now the external arms.  He pulls off his jeans, rolls them up and slips them into his carryon.  From his makeup kit he squeezes out a paste that will give his hair, face, neck, hands and wrists a pallid gray look.  Next he takes out liver spot tape and presses it onto the backs of his hands, fingers, and wrists.  He buttons up his now plaid jacket and makes sure there is a hanky half out of his left breast pocket.  He uses a polish to make his brown shoes black.  He takes a false tooth out of the Panadol bottle and presses it into the gap inside his mouth.  Next he unzips a rain cover at the side of his carryon and pulls it completely around then slips the carryon over one shoulder.  Lastly he places the Vector Realistik Corkscrew into the right outer pocket of his jacket for easy access.

Coughing he limps out of the stall with his cane.  He washes his hands lightly so the liver spots stay on his hands as he peers at the stall goatee entered.  He can still see the man’s shoes.  Letting his eyelids droop and his jaw relax he follows other men out of the washroom.  Near the benches where he and goatee were sitting he sees salt and pepper talking into his phone.

The Beluga is a way of saying ‘no hard feelings’ but now his life is on the line.





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