Daughter of the Bear by Dan Watt (Blog One)  References at bottom of page

Daughter of the Bear by Dan Watt (Blog One)  References at bottom of page


Although I have called this blog story a thriller I’m not sure that is the correct genre to use.  I know the beginning but not the middle nor the end.  It does come with a warning though.  It is important to remember this story is fiction peppered with facts and exploratory.

I have never been in the army but I have talked to those who have.  I am anti-war but not anti-soldier.  There is a reason why those who have fought in battles don’t want to talk about it.  In this blog story I make a distinction between “warrior” as one who fights to protect, and “mercenary” as one who fights for personal gain only.  Morok Industries is meant to be a fictional company.  I checked and didn’t see it listed—my apologies if the company does exist.


Daughter of the Bear


He sits in his resort room staring out the bay window at the tiny skiers whipping down the Matterhorn Peak.   He hears the beginning of Luna’s Jukebox from the night table beside him.  The song reminds him of her so he lets it play for a while before picking up his cellphone.

“Yes,” he says.

“Erwin, this is Viktor Ivanov from Morok Industries.  You may have heard that our company designed software for a very specific and necessary device.  The device I speak of will revolutionize Russia’s ability to create energy.”

“I have heard such a device is being built but not exactly what it is,” Erwin replies.  He knows more about the device than he’s letting on.  A deep sigh comes from the other line.

“Do you know of a Marina Catherine Shanina?  We have it on good authority that you may have worked with her.”

“I have heard of her.”  Erwin forces his voice to stay droll.  The mention of her name makes his heart ache.

Another deep sigh on the other line followed by, “Listen Erwin, I’m going to be straightforward.  She installed a virus into the software that runs the device.  We asked the KGB to get involved since this is a national matter.  They don’t seem very interested.”

If the KGB isn’t interested it means one of two things.  Marina is dead or she is still alive and the Russian government doesn’t want Morok Industries’ device to work.  “You want me to find her?” he asks deadpan.

“Yes, and.”


“Once you find her let us know where she is and we’ll take care of the rest.”

“I understand.”  They want Marina dead.

“Three million rubles will be put into your Swiss bank account.  Anything more and we’ll need you to justify the spending.  She is a traitor to the Motherland.”  The line goes dead.

Marina a traitor?  If Mr. Ivanov had said that to her face his body would soon be floating prone in a river or a sewer.  He knows of no one who is more dedicated to her homeland than she is.

He takes a remote off the night table and clicks the stereo on.  “Carry You” he says and closes his eyes as he hears Ruelle and Fluerie sing their duet.



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