The Von Bucati Mansion Part Two The Cottage (Blog 18)

The Von Bucati Mansion

Part Two

The Cottage

By Dan Watt

Author of the book and e-book Lucy and the Snivel Chair on


I should have called this an Erotic Horror Comedy!  Have you discovered the hidden clues along the way?

(Blog 18)

Adult Content


My head is swimming from all the alcohol and it’s hard to take a step and keep upright but I really need to get to a bathroom.  The hallway floor is oak wood with a roll out carpet along its length.  I go left, using the pine panelled wall for support.  There’s a noise behind me.

I see the weirdo hunchback, wearing a burgundy hoodie with the cowl up.  The jeans seem wider on one side so I can’t tell if it’s a he or a she.  We’ll stick with He for now.  He’s facing me now and he’s bent over, tying his high cut sneakers.  Could be all the alcohol but the feet look like they’re different sizes.  The right pocket of his hoodie has quite the bulge.  Ah well, I need a bathroom.

Ah, I see a door slightly ajar with a light on to my right.  Yes, it’s a bathroom.  Faint thumping noises are coming from the room just past it.  Nice bathroom.   A toilet sits beside an ivory coloured seashell sink.  There’s even a shower.  I can hear voices along with the thumping.

“Oooh, that hook feels sooo good,” Wanda is saying.  I can also hear sucking and gagging sounds between moans.

“I can put it deeper!” that bastard Richard just said in a weak, nasally voice.

I’m trying to pee quieter so I can hear.

The sucking and gagging sounds stop.  “You’re so big,” Yomita says through gasps.

I can’t believe he has two of my girls.  There should have been a foursome, not including him!

I flush the toilet and wash my hands.  I go out into the hall and slam the bathroom door.  All the moaning has stopped.  I slam the door again just to make sure they know someone’s around.

The hooded Igor is gone.  I see I left the door to Michelle’s room open.  I hope the weirdo didn’t try to go in.  I shut the door and lock it.

Michelle is on the bed with her hands between her legs.  She’s oohing and awing but her hands aren’t going back and forth just up and down as if something is under them.  Her back is arched and her lips are quivering in ecstasy.  I take off my clothes and lay beside her to get in on the action.  I run my hand over her breasts and down over her hands.  She just let out an amazing moan and has gone still.  She’s asleep!  Great, now she’s rolled onto her tummy and thrown her arm over my chest.

SOMETHING JUST CRAWLED OVER MY FOOT!  I kick at it.  Michelle just woke up.  Maybe it was just her foot I felt and she can move her toes independently.

Her face is flush and content and her lips so sweet as they kiss mine.  “That was amazing,” she says in a totally satisfied, exhausted voice.  “I take it back, your fingers are much longer than Tim’s.”  She’s kissed me again.  Now she’s asleep in my arms and I realize I have been replaced by some erotic dream she had about me.  Now I really hate Richard!

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