The Von Bucati Mansion Part Two The Cottage (Blog 16)

The Von Bucati Mansion

Part Two

The Cottage

By Dan Watt

Author of the e-books Ruby Queen and Sylvia on; and e-books Lucy and the Snivel Chair on

I did warn you some of this could get mildly explicit.  If you’ve read Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Ken Follett, read on!  If not, well, close your eyes at certain points.

(Blog 16)

“Well thank you everyone,” Elizabeth says as we finish a desert of chocolate mousse.  “I must get to bed early at my age.  Please enjoy the bar up to 2 a.m.  In the hallway go up the left hand stairs.  A sticky note is on each door to tell you where you can sleep.”  Her freezing hand touches the top of my right hand.  “Make sure you say good-night to the ladies, Mr. Deleppe.  Tomorrow at 6 a.m. you will need to leave.”

She’s whacked Elizabeth Von Bucati is.  I don’t think she knows what she is saying.  The dead eyed waitresses are back, clearing off the tables.  I feel a bit strange after eating the salad.  As though I’m in a room full of water that but I can breathe.  Well, the alcohol is free.  I touch Michelle’s shoulder and walk lethargically towards the bar.  I sit on a barstool as she slides hers closer to mine.  “Two shots of vodka with a lime,” I say as Michelle leans against me.

“I don’t know how much more I can drink,” she slurs.  She laughs giddily and I slip my hand around her waist to keep her up.

I can’t remember how many drinks we’ve had or helping her up the stairs to the door with her name on it.  But I have a hot strawberry blonde in one arm and holding a bottle of Smirnoff Red vodka in my other hand.

I push the door open and we stumble onto her bed.  I don’t know if it’s all the alcohol or something else but time seems to jump.  I lay beside Michelle and slip my hand up her top.

“Close the door first Tim,” she slurs at me.

I fumble out of the bed, my head wobbling side to side.  As I reach to close the door I see the humpback stand up just outside her door.  I can’t tell if it’s a he or a she.  Never mind.  I shut the door.

It seems to take forever for Michelle to undress.   She tastes wonderful as I run my lips over her body.  I have to kneel on the floor to get to the best part.  Just as I push her legs apart I feel something run over the bottom of my feet.  I can’t help but shiver.  Has to be the alcohol.  I use my tongue and index finger.  She’s mine now, I can hear her moaning.  I can see her arching her back.  “That feels so good,” she says through quivering lips.  “Don’t stop Tim.”

I keep my finger moving inside her but take out my tongue.  “Charles, sweetheart,” I remind her.

“Uh, Oh, Tim’s me boyfriend.  His finger is a bit longer than yours I think.  Oh, but don’t stop!”

I stumble over to her side of the bed.  “It’s your turn,” I say fumbling in my wallet for one of the five condoms I always keep handy.

She slides off the bed so she’s kneeling in front of my crotch.  Her hand is searching for something.  “What’s this?” she asks, pulling on the safety pin.

I can feel my face burning.  “I broke my zipper earlier.”  I push myself closer to her face.

She fumbles away at the safety pin.  “Got it open,” she says smiling up at me.  Her hand reaches in and I can feel myself growing.

Her tongue swirls are making me blind with desire.  OUCH!  The pin of the safety pin just stuck into the side of my penis.  I jerk and she bites down.  OH THAT HURTS!

“Sorry sweetie,” she says pulling out the pin.  “Let me pull the pin right out so accidents don’t happen again.  Unless you want a piercing?”

My eyes are swelling from the pain and I’m taking deep breathes to keep calm.  “No piercing,” I whine.

“There’s no blood, just a bit of bruising.  Give me the condom.  My boyfriend loves when I do this.”  She slides the condom on what erection I have left, with her mouth.  “Come here Timmy, me love,” she coos, lying back on the bed with her legs spread.

I just woke up.  Michelle’s arm is over my chest.  I think we made love but I’ve lost track of time.  No, I can see the used condom in the waste basket.  I really have to pee.  I’ll just put on my pants and let my dress shirt hang down to hide my opening.  Somewhere down the hall has to be a bathroom.

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