The Von Bucati Mansion Part Two The Cottage (Blog 15)

The Von Bucati Mansion

Part Two

The Cottage

By Dan Watt

Author of the e-books Ruby Queen and Sylvia on; and e-books Lucy and the Snivel Chair on


I’ve tried to be more suggestive than descriptive but there will be a few chapters that contain Adult Content.  Now you are warned!

(Blog 15)

I step into one of the stalls.  If I can get the safety pin just right I might be able to tuck my shirt in.  OUCH!  THAT HURTS!  I’ll need a tetanus shot now!  The needle went right into my prick!  There’s no blood.  That’s better, I got it through the cloth around the zipper.

As I walk back into the bar I see three girls, all in their early twenties.  One has the exotic light brown skin of one of the southern Asian countries.  Another has skin so pale I can see all the veins in her arms and face clearly; she is not turning me on.  The third girl is hard to place.  Her skin is dark brick brown.  In the dim lights she looks red.  All of them are smiling as they push two of the square topped tables together but their eyes never move; gives me the creeps.   They are all wearing white aprons and black dresses.  When they stand they all seem to be the same height as Elizabeth.  Next I see them go into the back room and bring out a large embroidered white table cloth, cutlery and wine glasses.  As I turn away I see Wanda, Yoshima, and Michelle are at the bar sitting on stools as they talk with Richard and the bartender.  Michelle just turned and smiled at me.   I’ve put my arm around her now.  “What are we talking about?” I ask.

“Please be seated everyone,” Elizabeth’s voice chimes behind me.  We all turn to see her aged figure standing behind one of the tables.  “Charles, sit to my right and Richard to the right.  Girls, sit across from us.”  Her voice isn’t intimidating but leaves no room for argument.  I sit down to her right.

“Although,” she continues as the dead eyed waitresses pour champagne, “we will continue to know each other, I will no longer you need you in your current capacity.”  Her freezing right hand reaches to cover my left hand where I have it resting on the table top.  “Except for Charles.”  Out of the corner of my eye I can see her smiling her malevolent right eye glances up at me.  “I’ll be needing him for a while longer.”   She pats my hand, sending shivers so cold I get brain freeze.  “And you Richard,” she says to the freakish giant.  “So enjoy this meal girls!  Tomorrow brings a new beginning for you.”

I glance at the three gorgeous girls across from me and they are all smiling back at Elizabeth with a confused look.

The meal is served.  Steak, medium rare fills a quarter of my plate.  Another quarter is mashed potatoes, and half the plate is brown rice mixed with peas and chicken squares.  A large salad bowl is set behind my plate.  It has an assortment of green and red leaves covered in a semi-translucent cream.

“Interesting sauce,” I say absentmindedly.

“Yes,” Elizabeth says.  “It’s from Haiti.”

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