Poetry (Not All Men Are True/ Some Men Are True)


If you wrote it, it’s yours; these are mine.

I wanted to explore true love so I wrote Not All Men Are True and Some Men Are true.  When I read Some Not All Men Are True at the Cambridge Writer’s Collective years ago, I expected hisses, instead I heard two of the women burst out in laughter.  “Typical Men” they guffawed.  The Collective was putting together a booklet of poems and stories called “The Grand Gift Of Laughter”.  I was shocked that they wanted me to include the story.  So I insisted they also include Some Men Are True.


Not All Men Are True

He stares at the steep castle walls that rise up from the hill that adjoins to a drying moat

His fist rises into the air and he swears: “I will rescue you, my love!”

He turns to the sound of hooves

“I’ve just received news!” a trusted man says as he leaps off his mount and rushes forward

Confidentially, the man speaks into his ear:

“A former servant, paid handsomely, has given despairing news

Will you hear of it before the attack?”

He nods

“They’ve cut her ring fingers off and placed a mask made of thorns over her head”

Orange shadows from the torchlight flicker across the man’s face as he continues:

“There’s more

A thick scar from forehead to chin has left her left eye dead

There are twenty-two good men here

All willing to die for your cause

Do you still want her?”

He looks at the ground

“Not now,” he mutters and turns away.


Dan Watt © 2000-


Some Men Are True Art by Stephanie Mccoll 600 dpi3

Art by Stephanie Mccoll



He watches as the water drips down her back

The way it flows along the indent of her spine

He moves closer

She turns

His eyes follow the rivulets that wind down her cheeks

To her neck

Gathering between her full breast and the pale fold of the one removed

Her eyes move with his

She covers her chest as she steps back

He steps forward pressing his lips to hers

Down her arm where he stops at her palm

Passionately looking up

She turns away

He rubs his lower lip along her neck to her ear

“Don’t go from me,” he whispers

Her body quivers

“Why would you want me?”

He moves in front of her

Purposely staring into her eyes

“Without you I am an empty shell

Whose insides only you can fill.”

Her lips meet his


Dan Watt © 2000


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