Self Publishing: The art for Healing The Temple Of The Soul

Self Publishing:  the Artwork for “Healing The Temple Of The Soul”

The first image I had was of Cynthia standing in front of a mirror:

Cynthia Stevens hugged herself so she could be comforted by the feel of her father’s sweater as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror at the Valley Stream Home for eating disorders. Over her slowly thickening blonde hair, she wore her older brother, Chad’s, Raptors’ baseball cap, and on her left wrist was her little sister Faye’s gold bracelet. For a long moment she stood staring into the mirror, no longer afraid to face herself.  There were still dark bags under her eyes, and her cheeks–though fuller–remained shallow.

It’s not an uncommon image and in the future I may still use it.  Instead I went with the image of Cynthia leaving a message for her dad.

In the centre of the poem Cynthia saw a dark splotch where the white paper now had a light grey appearance as if someone had poured a single drop there.  She scrambled through her father’s top desk drawer.  She found a pen and urgently wrote at the bottom of the poem: I love you dad, I need your help.

I asked my goddaughter Jessica to have someone take a picture of her writing something with a forlorn look on her face.  When she sent me the picture I gave it to Stephanie McColl, who I was working with at the time.  We discussed the artwork and Steph decided on pointillism.  Steph was able to make Jessica’s very healthy features look gaunt.  On hind sight I think this would be better as an inside picture than the cover.

Healing The Temple Of The Soul Artwork. The book is available through or Chapters as an E-book.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

I’ll re-post this later in the week before I start blogging about Learning The Garden Of The Body…





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