Self Publishing: The Story of Future VII

Added a picture that might make this blog more interesting.

Science & Fantasy Fiction, Gothic Horror Musical, Poetry, Superhero and Young Adult

DSC_0080 Randy’s unfinished art for Brackish

The Story of Future VII, so far…

(if you type in Future VII: Dan Watt you can see the cover—I can’t legally add it here).

Life is about perspectives.  Around 2010 I was looking through TOR’s website to see what I needed to do to get published when I came across another “Publisher” who promised that they pay their authors.  I won’t mention the name of this publisher but I felt misled.  They immediately accepted my story (usually you have to wait a minimum of three months), and told me I had 48 hours to make any corrections.  I knew the book needed fine tuning so I asked them what they thought should be corrected.  To me, a publisher who accepts your work has an editor, and they make grammatical and structural corrections to your story.  I didn’t make any corrections and when I received…

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