Self Publishing: The Story of Future VII

Randy’s unfinished art for Brackish


The Story of Future VII, so far…

(if you type in Future VII: Dan Watt you can see the cover—I can’t legally add it here).

Life is about perspectives.  Around 2010 I was looking through TOR’s website to see what I needed to do to get published when I came across another “Publisher” who promised that they pay their authors.  I won’t mention the name of this publisher but I felt misled.  They immediately accepted my story (usually you have to wait a minimum of three months), and told me I had 48 hours to make any corrections.  I knew the book needed fine tuning so I asked them what they thought should be corrected.  To me, a publisher who accepts your work has an editor, and they make grammatical and structural corrections to your story.  I didn’t make any corrections and when I received the first book, on the inside, it said: “…has allowed this work to remain exactly as the author intended, verbatim, without editorial input.”

So I asked others to help me fix up the story and then I paid this Publisher to correct the story.  I also paid to have an agent, and for the story to be shown at conventions, libraries, and other avenues.  This whole time, especially with the agent, I requested they actually read the book.  I don’t think anyone at this Publishing company actually did read the story.

I was asked what cover I wanted.  I made two suggestions: Jack (the main male character) dropping towards the planet Brackish in a static bubble, or Jack meeting the transspecies Whispers later in the book.  They did a nice computer generated image of space with a planet but people couldn’t tell if it was a math book, physics book, or science fiction book.

One thing this Publisher did do, is add my book, for a cost, to Amazon, and e-book companies like Kobo and Kindle.  What they didn’t do is change any sales to my bank account after I bought the rights to my book back.

My warning is: if you go with certain “Publishing” companies consider them more a “Printing” company.  The book is well bound and the pages are excellent.

After discussing the cover with my brother Andy and artistic friend Randy we came to some conclusions:  one I would buy back the rights to the story; two the cover they put on is too vague (is it a math book, a physics book, or is it a science fiction book) so Randy would make the cover distinctly science fiction; thirdly my brother would re-work the story (in progress) and we would rename it Brackish.

Just be careful when you deal with a “Publisher”.  I’ll discuss Printers more in another Blog.



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