Self Publishing Future VIII

Future VIII Cover
The first story I self published. Future VIII

Sometime before 2004 I was wondering about the near future.  I read a story about a company that wanted to send chronically ill millionaire and billionaires into the cold of space until a cure was found.  That sounded like a great way to finance a government funded company that wanted to send spaceships towards potentially liveable planets.  I wanted one of the individuals in cryogenics to awaken at the liveable planet and discover his reaction to a hostile captain and his interaction with four thirteen year old clones.  I also wanted to discover how he would react to the natives of this planet; where humans are the extraterrestrials.

It’s the clarity of the story that made me write, and rework Future VIII.  It’s vanity that drove me to self-publish it.

I needed a cover, and my client at the time, Karly Irvine suggested her husband (The Wash Guy).  So Don and I met, discussed the cover, and I took a picture of him so he could use it for the artwork.  Pol, the main male character wakes from cryogenic sleep.  At first all he sees is the grey-blue insides of a space ship.  Sharon, the cruel captain, tells the wall to show the planet Lakugreen.  Open space with the planet rotating nearby engulfs Pol’s vision.  At first he thinks he will fall out but he finally gets the nerve to touch the image, and realizes the wall of the ship is still there.

I didn’t pay Don for the work so we agreed he would keep the artwork but that I could use it for the book.

I was also training Pansy Halls (Signature Printing) at that time.  She had never put a book together so it was a learning experience for both of us.

I still have quite a few copies.


Next Blog will be about Future VII and what to be wary about when a company tells you it’s a publisher.

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