Preterhuman Normal Conclusion

Part Twenty-Eight (conclusion)                                                        Sept. 4, 2016


The two bullets Ms. Caligula put into him were draining his ability to heal and the bruising from the 9mm shots wasn’t helping.  He heard a gun click empty.  “I’m out the!” the stooge yelled.  He must have thought there was someone else left.  Norm sank to his hands and knees, gasping for breath.  His vision blurred and he slid onto his belly.

“Norm, Norm,” he heard Ms. Grady say.

He opened his eyes to white walls and electrodes attached to different areas of his skin.  “Did they get the bullets out?”

“Yes, you’re healing fast now but we couldn’t get your heart going for almost five minutes.”  He felt her hand against his forehead.

“Allaric, Softie?” he asked.

“They’re both in prison now but Ms. Caligulass managed to escape.”

“She’ll get them out,” he said in gasps as he tried to get up.

“Yes.  Norm, without Helio it’s up to Event Horizon, you, and myself to keep Between Towns and the GTA safe.  It’s not enough!”

He thought of Tabby, Kyle, and Tyna.  “Let me and my friends have access to the suits,” he said, “and I’ll get us help.  Where’s my mother?”

“We left her a note under the door in your writing, saying you were staying with Tyna for a few days to finish a project, and you know…. ”

“Does Tyna know?”

“No, I’ll let you tell her.”  Ms. Grady sat at the edge of the bed instead of on the room’s chair.  “Do you know who your father is?”

“My mother has never told me and I’ve never asked,” he replied, forcing himself to sit up.

“There’s an abandoned village near Algongquin Park, where a meteor hit thirty-five years ago.  The entire town was quarantined for a year because of high radiation levels from an unknown element.  Trucks delivered water and food once a week just outside the affected area.  A natural spring occurred after the meteor hit; people were told not to drink from it.  Alpha Five thinks some of the residents did.”

“Wouldn’t they know better?”

“Before Alpha Five removed all the villagers’ memories of that year, some of them said the spring water gave off a very desirable smell.  We know other meteors fell around the World but no one will confirm it.”

“Is the water still contaminated?”

“We don’t think so; the Dose Rate Meter no longer detects any radiation in the area.”

“So my mother wouldn’t remember who my father is?”  He clicked a button for the nurse to come in.

“If she’s from that village, and met someone during that year, it would make sense, but you’re only eighteen.  Alpha Five only looked for radiation level in the water; it never took samples until after talking to the villagers, nearly a year later.  Blood samples were taken from the villagers but no anomalies were found.”

“I’ve never had a father, so it’s not something I’m going to dwell on,” he said as the nurse came in.  “Right now I just want out of here.”

He heard Ms. Grady sigh.  “Can we trust your friends?”

“I think so,” he said as the nurse studied the heart monitor.


“See you soon,” he said to Ms. Grady as she dropped him off at the Thorson skyscraper.

He went into his apartment and heard the Midtown news channel blaring.  “Norm!” his mother called.

“Be there in a moment,” he said, hurrying the hockey duffel bag into his room.  He went to the living room where he saw her sitting in front of the TV holding a glass of orange juice.  He knew it wasn’t just orange juice when he saw the three quarter full glass skull bottle on the foldout TV table.  He sat beside her.

“Guess you’re leaving me,” she said with a sniffle.

“No,” he said putting his arms around her shoulders.  “I like it when you’re healthy.”

On the TV Alejandra Ceto was talking to a gaunt Robb Helio.  “Now that you’re back from your very secretive holiday to recover from a terrible car accident, what’s next for Helio Industries?”

“I think the people running Helio Industries are doing a fantastic job.  Maybe I’ll take a holiday in Russia.”

“Isn’t that were a meteor struck the village of Kalach?”

“Yes, would you like to go?”

Norm saw Alejandra’s face go beat red.  He wondered what interest Robb Helio had in that meteor, and Ms. Ceto.  But that was their business.  He needed to contact some friends and build a team to protect Between Town against the likes of Softie, Ms. Caligulass, and Allaric Hemping.


The End

(of this story…)


The entire story is available by typing PNC at  The story is in rough draft right now so input would be Great!

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