Preterhuman Normal Part 27

Part Twenty-Seven                                                                    September 3, 2016


Ms. Caligulass bounced off him onto her side.  As she scrambled to her feet he drew his Webley and shot her in three different locations.  “This is no way to seduce a woman,” she said in a dazed tone, falling to her knees.  He used lock ties to bind her wrists and ankles.  9mm rounds from one of Allaric’s goons’ Norinco 911A1 pistol tore through his outfit.  He forced himself to raise Ms. Caligulass’s rifle.  A red dot appeared on Softie’s thigh as he struck at Event Horizon’s armour with a hammer.  Norm didn’t want to hit the femoral artery so he took careful aim.  Softie fell to one knee.  Event Horizon, who was limping, blocked an attack from Allaric and smashed Softie in the side of the head.  Norm aimed the gun at Allaric as the cartoonishly muscled freak struck Event Horizon with a Streetwise Stun baton.  He was so tempted to blow the maniac’s brains out, but as Softie had learned, he wasn’t a killer, so he lowered the rifle and fired at Allaric’s right ankle.

Norm sat in the college’s cafeteria with Tyna.  His mother was now a health addict, so she made him a brown bagged lunch with a tuna sandwich and protein smoothie at least three times a week.

“You should have let me handle Cassius Nukpana,” Tyna was saying as he took out the contents of his lunch.  He pulled out a tuna sandwich wrapped in Saran Wrap, and a cold Hamilton Beach Smoothie thermos as she talked.  “He’s part of the Egil gang.”  Norm saw a stain on the bottom of the bag.  “He’ll come after you with his pals now.”  He reached in and pulled out a sticky, red napkin with something long and thin inside and a tiny pink envelope.  Tyna went silent as he lifted the napkin to let whatever was inside roll out; a finger.  Tyna leaned over and smelt the package.  “It’s Ketchup.”

Norm’s heart raced as he opened the letter:

Got out my BFF, on good behaviour.   Went to see you but it seems you moved.  Don’t know where yet but I did find out where you go to school.  Interesting girlfriend but a little young isn’t she?  I still want your blood.  Could even be we’re related!  Girlfriend’s fingers aren’t as pretty as your mother’s but they come off just as easily, I’m sure!


“I’m so tired of people saying I’m too young,” Tyna said as she stared over his shoulder at the note.

“Aren’t you afraid?” he asked.

Tyna took the steak knife that came with her lamb chop lunch from the cafeteria.  He saw her look around.  Holding her left hand close to his face she cut into her palm.  She was only able to make a miniscule cut but some blood came out.  A moment later the blood on the knife and wrist drew back into her body.  “Maybe you and I are related,” she whispered.

“Stay safe,” he said grabbing the note and turning to go.

“I could help,” Tyna said.

“Work on our project,” he said with a sad grin.

Softie had to be near; Norm only had one class before lunch-time.  He went to his locker and started asking anyone he saw, “Seen an albino?”

“Yeah,” one student said, “he gave something to that tall guy, Cassius.”

“Do you know where Cassius’ is?” Norm asked.

“I think he’s in the Biochemistry lab.”

“Thanks,” Norm said as he hurried down the hall.  He peeked through the classroom door’s window.  Cassius was in a white smock and wearing safety glasses putting drops into a beaker.  He slipped in, and put on a smock from the closet and a pair of safety glasses.  In a blur he was beside Cassius.

“Got your note from Softie,” he said holding out the little pink envelope.

“Softie’s a friend idiot, now you pay for what you did the other day.  We’re going–.” He didn’t get a chance to finish before Norm had snapped his wrist and taken his wallet out of his blue jeans back pocket.

“Now I know where you live,” Norm hissed as he dropped the wallet into the beaker.  “I would get different friends.”  He shifted to Cassius’s other side and grabbed his left wrist.  “Where’s Softie.”

“I don’t know,” Cassius replied with terror in his voice.

“Something happens to anyone close to me and I come for you,” Norm said.  He had the smock and safety glasses back in the closet and was out of the room before Cassius grabbed his right wrist and screamed in agony.

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