Preterhuman Normal Part 26

Part Twenty-Six                                                               September 2, 2016


He tried to pelvic thrust Ms. Caligulass off but she just laughed.  “Now you’re being naughty,” she said with a throaty voice that drained all his energy.  Throughout the warehouse he could hear the pings of a semi-automatic Norinco 911A1 pistol mixed with the occasional whooshing sound from Ms. Grady’s Webley Tempest tranquilizer gun.  He thought they would have run out of ammunition.  He glanced left and saw Event Horizon combating both Softie and Allaric Hemping.  He focused on Allaric Hemping’s nose; it was small, like a woman’s.    Rage ran through him, something he had only felt once before.  He flattened his hands on the warehouse floor and pushed down as he heaved his pelvis up.

Norm felt his Blackberry vibrate in his pocket as he waited in his Introduction to Robotics class for Tyna to arrive.  He took it out and saw a message from Tabby.  “I studied the JB-9 by JetPack Aviation and the later versions.  The JB-9 used kerosene.  Event Horizon must use some other power source for the speed and time he can fly.”

“I can’t get access to anything on the suit Tabby, and the only energy source I can find that’s remotely close enough is nuclear.  I met a girl, Tyna Darya.  We’re collaborating on a paper that analyses if suits designed by Nuytco Research Ltd., b-temia Human Augmentation, and Body Armour Canada equipment can be incorporated into a single suit.”

“Too bad we can’t get a hold of Maurice Ward’s Starlite plastic.”  Tabby wrote back.  “Nuclear energy just might be an option then.”

“You should thank me for asking you out,” a male voice said behind him in a very aggressive tone.

“Gotta go Tabby,” he wrote and shut off his Blackberry.

“Lucky?” he heard Tyna reply with sarcastic hurt in her voice.

“It’s out of the kindness of my heart I asked you out.”  The male’s voice sounded violent.  “You said you’re eighteen but you look, what, fourteen at the most?”

Norm turned around and saw a husky male student hovering over Tyna who he had pressed up against a desk.  His whole body shook with anger as he stood and stared up into the much bigger student’s face.  “Leave her be!” he warned.

“Mind your own business you little skinny nerd!” the student scowled back.

Norm grabbed the male student’s arm and squeezed until the he was on his knees grimacing in pain.  Norm saw red and clenched his hand tighter until a hand grabbed a hold of his forearm.  His vision cleared and he saw the hand was Tyna’s.  He let go of the student’s arm.

“I’m sorry!” the male student said.  Norm watched him hurry out of the room.

“I didn’t need your help,” Tyna said, squeezing his hand.

Norm gritted his teeth and tried to calm his nerves.  “Didn’t want you to hurt him.”

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