Preterhuman Normal

Part Twenty-Five                                                           August 29, 2016

The wound in his leg made him grimace as he dived towards the rifle before Ms. Caligulass could grab it.  She was quick.  The second bullet went through the shielding of his cuirass.  There wasn’t time for him to wince; he knocked the rifle from her hands and wrapped his arms around her.  Watching wrestling came in handy as he did a belly to belly suplex.  As he held her on the ground he could feel his body trying to push the specialized bullet casing out of his thigh but it couldn’t.  “I didn’t know you liked me so much,” Ms. Caligulass said.  “But a woman should always give her permission, first.”  He groaned in pain as she rolled on top of him.  His blood was entering his body and running out simultaneously so he didn’t think the wounds would kill him but he was fading into unconsciousness.  Under different circumstances I would he thought.

“I can’t get access to a suit,” he wrote to Tabby during a Mechanical Engineering class at Bateman College a satellite of Ryerson University.

“We’ll make our own,” Tabby wrote back.

At the end of the class a girl about five foot four with large aqua green eyes and unruly blonde hair stepped in front of him.  She wore a white t-shirt with a silver wolf on it tucked into Wrangler blue jeans.  “You don’t notice much do you?” she asked with a soft, arrogant voice.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been staring at you during class since it started a month ago, to get your attention.”

“Oh,” he said noticing she seemed underdeveloped as a young woman.  “You’re young to be here aren’t you?”

“Just overly fit,” she replied.  He saw bite her lower lip and tilt her head to the right.  “We have to work in partners for the next project.”

He thought of the girl in high school who asked his help with a math project.  “I’ll just do it and you can share in the mark,” he said with a shrug.

“I don’t need your help, I’m just curious about you.  If you’re as intelligent as I hear we might be able to go into business together.  Making suits.”

Norm blinked.  “Making suits?”

She stepped aside.  “I always check out who I’m partners with.”

“You’ve had many partners?”

“Actually, just you.  Who’s Ms. Grady?”

“How did you hack into my account?”

She smiled.  “By being smarter than you.”

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