Preterhuman Normal

Part Twenty-Four                                                          August 28, 2016


He turned at the last moment so his back would hit the factory floor first and Ms. Caligulass would be protected.  She bounced off him onto her feet and he felt her kick right between his legs.  “Ouch darling!” she cried out, “you’re so hard!”  Chivalry and fighting women are what Norm considered a moral oxymoron.

Seven months passed of finding hidden storage areas of concealed brown sugar cubes and explosives.  Each time he got shot less.  It wasn’t for equipment; it was because he and Ms. Grady were a team.  Now he didn’t jump out of her Audi until she told him to.

The weight of the throwing star in his hand seemed off.  He took another one from his belt; better.  “When do I get a suit like Event Horizon?” he asked throwing the star into a mechanical mannequin.

“You’re learning not to hit the vital parts,” Ms. Grady said.  “You don’t get a suit Norm.”

“I think you can trust me know!”

He heard her sigh.  “Event Horizon is an exceptional individual, compared to the average person.  You’re something else, you are a suit.”  She turned her back to him and started walking away.

He deflected the dart with the palm of his hand.

“You’re learning Norm, better to deflect than try to grab a hold of.  But don’t try do that with a bullet.”

“I would never betray you,” he said feeling betrayed himself.

She holstered her tranquilizer dart gun.  “I wouldn’t have shot it if I didn’t think you could stop it.  Don’t ever use your abilities without a helmet, mask, or some other disguise.  Many humans hate anything more powerful than they are.”

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