Preterhuman Normal

Part Twenty-Two                                                          August 25, 2016

He wanted to land on top of the Albéric clothing warehouse without being noticed.  At one edge of a triangular skylight that ran the length of the rooftop was a person in camouflage with a unique looking scoped rifle.  Stealth doesn’t work when you forget to put your phone on vibrate only.  He had some forgetful habits; Tabby would testify to that.

Norm practiced drawing the tranquilizer gun, firing at a robotic mannequin, and holstering.  “When do I get a suit like Event Horizon?” he asked.

“I’ll take you home,” Ms. Grady replied.  He didn’t miss that she didn’t answer his question.

At home he sent Tabby a message.  “Getting closer to knowing about the suits.”

“Remember I asked you about Levitar’s helmet?  Did you also notice that Robb Helio hasn’t been heard of since Levitar’s death?”

“I forgot about both.  Life’s been busy Tabby.  Gotta go.”

“Never thought you would forget anything.  Let me know about the suit when you can Norm.”

Tabby’s was right.  It wasn’t normal for him to forget things, not academic anyways.  Or his subconscious prioritized what it thought was most important and ignored the rest.

At eight-thirty the cherry red Audi R8 was waiting for him.  He went up to his apartment, and checked on his mother before grabbing the hockey duffel bag with his equipment.

“Glad you’re playing another sport Norm,” his mother said as he left.

It started raining as Norm climbed into the Audi.

“Allaric Hemping is on the loose and there’s other bad news,” Ms. Grady said as they headed towards Helio Industries.  “Ms. Caligulass reappeared.  She drove an adapted Humvee through the wired fence of Between Towns Penitentiary.  Four prison guards and some prisoners died when she used an M67 recoilless rifle on the prison’s front wall.”

Norm shivered, he thought about his mother’s safety.  “They still couldn’t catch her?”

“Three Quadrotor drones with machine guns made that difficult for the local authorities.”  He didn’t miss the sarcasm in her lisp.  “We know Allaric will want revenge.  And we think Softie and Ms. Caligulass are on his side.”  She glanced at him.  “Training days are coming to an end.  Time to fight Norm.”

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