Preterhuman Normal

Part Twenty                                                                               August 20, 2016


He zipped up the leg wing of his cloak and connected the clips to his arms.  Now he could glide.  He remembered when he first saw his suit.

“Norm,” his mother called from the living room of their apartment.  In his bedroom he put down the book on robotics he was studying.

“This was just slipped under the doorway,” she said passing him a thin white legal sized envelope.

He looked at her face with its sheen of sweat and the full figure under her baby blue sports bra and matching yoga pants.  It made him smile to see her so healthy.  The envelope contained a contract that gave him and his mother two years rental of room #25 of the 10th floor of the Thorson Skyscraper.   Three entrance cards slipped out with a note, debit card, and a $1000.00 in $50’s.  Two of the cards were green and one was blue.  All the note said in Times Numeral font was: “Keep the blue card for the door inside your closet.  The debit card code is 1947.”

“We’re moving!” he shouted to his mother.

“Neither of us makes enough money for that!” his mother shouted back from the living room.

“Got a new job,” he said.

His mother’s mouth was agape from the time they stepped out of the taxi cab to the moment she looked out the apartment’s living room towards the Main Street of Between Towns.

Norm searched through the three bedrooms for the one with the secret door inside its closet.  The room faced Kaare River which ran perpendicular to Main Street.  “I’d really like the room opposite to this one,” he said to his mother who was running her fingers over the white linen curtains of the Master Bedroom.

“Sure Norm,” she said her voice distant and dreamy sounding.

He waited until she went to bed before opening the secret door.  Midnight blue military coveralls hung from a bar along with a dark green cape with clips and black full body harness.  He tapped the groin area of the coveralls and felt hard plastic underneath.  In a shelving unit he found dark blue limb and joint protectors.  On the very bottom shelf were brown boots.    Goggles and a dark green Spartan helmet hung on hooks above the shelves.

He saw a safe on the floor under the coveralls and cape.  A sticky note said in black marker: “Same as your pin number turn as you would your school locker.”  He dialed right twice to nineteen, left to four, and right again to seven.  Inside he found a gun with a long nozzle and simple trigger.  Darts and CO2 cartridges filled a shelf below.  He also found a conducted electrical weapon.  The CEW looked like a black cell phone with two nipples at the end.  Beside the CEW was a Blackberry DTEK50 with another sticky note attached.  “Keep this phone with you at all times!”

Norm tried to sleep but he couldn’t, he kept getting up to look inside the secret room.

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