Preterhuman Normal

Part Nineteen                                                                 August 19, 2016


Howard Shore’s The Fellowship blared from his phone.  He glanced at the messages.  The words “Need Help!” caused him to gasp.  It was Event Horizon who told him to get an apartment on the top floor of the highest building in Between Towns.

The Maybach Exelero accelerated along the tunnel, its high beams showing only rock and the occasional exit, until they came to an upwards slope.   Norm saw double metal doors appear out of nowhere.  He clipped on the seatbelt he had forgotten all about and braced himself.

Event Horizon glanced at him as the doors shot up into the cavern and they entered a room so large it had two sets of balconies filled with large screens.  He got out of the car and followed Event Horizon to a large curved screen above a counter with just a keyboard and mouse.

Norm heard a whirring sound as Event Horizon said, “Watch these video clippings.”  He turned his head and saw a disc shaped section of floor lift and turn the Maybach Exelero around towards the double doors.

“Watch,” Event Horizon said as he stepped away from the screen.

Norm saw a poorly lit room not much bigger than his apartment’s living room.  A prisoner no more than five foot two was pushed onto a folding chair by two much larger RCMP officers.  The prisoner’s hands were shackled and locked onto a U-shaped bolt welded onto a steel table.  “Is he a mutant?” Norm asked.  He couldn’t believe the muscles bulging through the prisoner’s grey uniform.

“He’s using a new muscle enhancement drug.  One that blocks the myostatin protein that controls muscle growth.”

Norm pushed his face closer to the screen.  “He’s missing the top of his nose.  Are you sure it’s Allaric Hemping?  His eyebrows look normal.”

“This is from twenty years ago.  After serving only five years of a fifteen year sentence for robbing a bank in which three people were, as he put it, accidentally killed from one of his bombs.  He didn’t waste time in prison before talking to other high profile inmates about what he planned to do when he got out.  The inmate who told the RCMP about Hemping’s schemes found he couldn’t breathe underwater for very long in Lake Ontario, with cement shoes.”

The video switched to a grainy image of a group of men robbing a bank. Norm saw a short, powerfully built man wearing a grey fedora hat and grey pinstripe suit with a nose the size of Cyrano de Bergerac’s.  “Is that him?”

The video showed a gruesome image of a tall man lying in mud with his nose chopped off.  “He likes to wear his victim’s noses,” Event Horizon said with disgust.  “That’s all we have on him.  We don’t believe Allaric Hemping is his real name and we can’t find anyone who is willing to tell us.

“I’m going to take a chance on you.  I’ll arrange for a new apartment for you and your mother, on the top floor of one of the new skyscrapers.  You will have a designated room with all the equipment you need.  A room your mother shouldn’t go in.  First I need a scan of your body so we can design a suit.”

“How do we do that?” Norm asked as Event Horizon stepped back from him.  A rainbow beam of light shone out of the Spartan Helmet’s visor.

The beam turned off and Event Horizon started walking towards the Maybach Exelero.  “I’ll drive you back to Helio Industries, but you‘ll have to get yourself home from there.  Some other day we’ll talk about my suit with your friend Tabby.”

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