Preterhuman Normal

Part Eighteen                                                                    August 18, 2016


Norm learned that all superheroes understand they must keep one hand on the ground.  When the suit is off you’re just like everybody else.  Not so with Supervillains.   The suit never seems to come off for them.  He checked each of the compartments in his belt and remembered his second encounter with Event Horizon.

“Let me out.  I want to work with you,” he said tensing his muscles against the strength of the bars.

“Scum belongs behind bars.”  Event Horizon said as he turned his back on him.

“I can help you stop Allaric Hemping!”

The Spartan helmet turned and the glowing eyes blinded him.  “Do you know who Allaric Hemping is or where he is?”

“No, but I’m a nobody.”

“You’re constantly in the daily newspaper.  The best senior quarterback Between Towns has ever seen.  And who do you think sent Softie to get your blood?”

“My mother!” he shouted.  “Will they come back for her?”

“We’re watching over her but there’s no guarantee.”

“Levitar could stop him,” Norm said sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.  He felt despondent.

“Levitar should have let the GTA’s finest sneak into the school and diffuse it.”  Event Horizon said.  “And I have an idea where Allaric Hemping is.”

Norm stood back up and shook the bars.  “Let me help!” he pleaded.

“I’ll let you watch a video of what we have on him.  Then you can decide if you really want to get involved.”

He saw Event Horizon’s fingers move and the bars rose back into the ceiling.  His fingers moved again and a section of wall lifted in the room; big enough to drive a bus through.

He followed Event Horizon’s giant form into the tunnel to an area lit by flickering fluorescent lights.  A black Maybach Exelero with added tailfins in the shape of angel wings sat idling, the grill facing them.  Event Horizon climbed into the adapted driver’s seat.  “Get in,” he said to Norm.

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