Preterhuman Normal

Part Seventeen                                                                 August 15, 2016


He clicked his Blackberry’s sound onto ON.  Sometimes you forget to turn things back on when you’ve been shot in the leg.  He reached into the holster on his right side and took out an RCMP CEW made by Taser.  He thought about his first experience in a cage as she checked the CEW for damage.

Levitar could break through this door so Norm would try.  He pushed and got nowhere.  Frustrated he punched it.  His knuckles hurt but he did manage to dent the door.  There wasn’t much space to maneuver so he went up a few stairs and ran down them throwing all his weight at the door.  It creaked.  His right shoulder throbbed but he didn’t see how any of the tools he brought would open the door.  Three times he smashed into the door until it fell in.

An underground tunnel with a paved road led into darkness.  A bus could drive through the tunnel and he wanted to discover where it led to but he needed access to a main computer.

He turned back to the stairwell, rubbing his right shoulder, and stopped at Door 4.  Another large metal door but this one had a knob.  It wouldn’t turn so he used all of his strength as he bashed it with his shoulder.  This one swung open.  He gasped.  Barred vaults full of gold bullion, jewels and stacks of cash.  Whoever owned Techly Industries didn’t trust all their money in a bank.  The entire room was painted grey but he could see a large off colour grey line above him.  There was nothing on the metal floor to show a compression pad so he stepped forward.

Nothing happened and he took another step.  He felt a slight depression in the floor below his feet.  The bang of metal made him ground his teeth.  He was surrounded by thick bars.  No!  He shouted in his head.  He grabbed two of the bars and tried to bend them.

From outside the door he thought he could hear a car coming.  He refocused on the bars.

Glowing blue eyes came towards him.  “Do you know why prisoners can’t break through Between Towns’ Penitentiary?” asked a deep, husky male voice with a British accent.  “Because the bars are reinforced steel with a second bar inside that just rolls if you cut the outside one.”

Norm quivered as the powerful form of Event Horizon took shape before him.  “Levitar,” could he retorted.

“The archangel from the heavens?”  Norm could hear the anger in Event Horizon’s voice.  “Your saviour?  He’s dead, remember?”

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