Preterhuman Normal

Part Sixteen                                                                                August 14, 2016

He reached towards his left ribs and took out his Webley Tempest tranquilizer gun from its holster.  Before you go into combat, check your equipment, if you have the time.

Norm sat in English class, bored out of his mind.  He put his Blackberry on his lap and glanced at the message from Tabby.

Too bad you couldn’t send me the info on the suit.  I’ve started studying modern alloys and jet propulsion.  Originally jet packs used hydrogen peroxide; too hot, too expensive, too short lived.  Event Horizon must be using a different energy source.  I don’t think we can build a jet pack right now but I also looked at Able Bionics and Ekso Bionics along with some other exoskeleton designers.  We could do this Norm!  One other thing, remember when Levitar was killed from the bomb but his helmet fell to the ground–intact?  It doesn’t make sense.

Levitar had kept Midtown and Between Towns fairly safe.  He thought of a song by The Crash Test Dummies, about another superhero.  Levitar reminded him of that other superhero.  Right now he didn’t have time to think about the helmet.  Joe could only give him so many hours at the store and he had to make enough money to go to college after Grade Twelve.  He also wanted the information on Event Horizon’s suit.

On his way to work at Joe’s store he stopped by Vallejo & Bell’s Discount Store.  He walked along an aisle with shelves full of clothing and  grabbed a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap, a pair of Anchor Brand dotted work gloves, and a pair of Alger midnight sunglasses.  He couldn’t fly so he went down the hardware aisle and picked up a Ninja Grappling Climbing Folding Hook with 15m of rope.  He already had a set of screwdrivers, an exacto knife, longnose pliers, electric tape, and wire cutters in his knapsack.

The office building stood six storeys high with a signal tower on the very top.  Behind the office was a huge warehouse.  A single burly guard let people in and out of the building.  Norm wondered, why go in the back door, when the front door is faster.  He took out the sunglasses and put on the Blue Jays baseball cap.  He walked up to the front door just as a man in pinstripe suit and wearing a fedora headed towards it.  He had never tried what he was about to do.  As the guard looked at the man’s I.D. card Norm slipped through.  The inside was unfamiliar so he ran away from the front counter towards a hall.  Down the hall he stopped at an elevator where he pushed the Up button while he listened for the guard’s shouts.  The door opened and he still hadn’t heard anything.

There were almost as many buttons under the G as above it.  He pushed the sixth floor button.  As the elevator went up he could see a bubble camera on the ceiling above the door.  He kept his head down and hoped his face wasn’t visible.  The goal was simple, hack into a computer, download it to his Blackberry, send it to Tabby, get out, and crash his blackberry’s software so it couldn’t be traced.

“Identification,” a woman’s voice said inside the elevator.  Norm pulled out a flathead screwdriver from his bag and used it to pry off the button panel.  He glanced over the wires and using the wire snips removed the one that held the door closed.  In a blur of movement he moved by a number of men and women in business attire.  Every room he passed had large TV’s with schematics of high tech devices for military use.  The technology made him drool with desire but he needed to finish up–fast.  Frustrated he went to the stairs beside the elevator and started down.

When he reached the ground level he continued down the stairs.  The stairs ended at a large metal door that had Level 5 written on it and no doorknob.

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