Preterhuman Normal

Part Fifteen                                                                        August 13, 2016


The argument that humans can’t fly with wings is because, unlike birds whose bones are hollow, humans have too much bodyweight in comparison to their strength.  He still didn’t know how strong he truly is, but he was strong enough to use a cape made of porcher skytex 32 fabric.  People assume equipment just appears on the market but he learned that research takes a long time.

Norm could see Between Towns ghetto getting worse and heard that Midtown wasn’t fairing any better.  On TV Alejandra Ceto stood before the glass doors of Toronto’s City Hall.  The convex roof of the centre building looked so low compared to the two curved sky rises that surrounded it.   “What can you tell us about the GTA’s deal with Allaric Hemping?” she asked Mayor Janice M. Kidder.

The mayor smoothed out her dark green blazer and skirt before running her hands through her curly ginger hair; she smiled cheerlessly into the camera.  Norm could see the dark, puffy bags around her slate blue eyes.  “We’re trying to come to a peaceful solution,” she said before pushing herself past Alejandra’s outstretched mic hand.

At Joe’s store he found a used Blackberry Passport.

“I thought you had a tablet?” Joe said as passed Norm a receipt.

“A really big guy took from me,” Norm replied with a squeamish shrug.

He went outside the store and typed in the Wi-Fi password Joe had given him a year ago, when he started running the front desk on Saturdays.  He sent Tabby a message that his Helio tablet was taken by Event Horizon and he couldn’t download the suit’s information.

The one thing he really missed about the Helio tablet was he could use it anywhere without asking for a Wi-Fi password.  Now he would have to go to a restaurant to research suit designs.

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