Preterhuman Normal

Part Fourteen                                                                     August 12, 2016


He clipped on his Yates Gear-360 Stabo/Tactical Full Body Harness.  Sometimes you get so busy you forget what you have.

After school Norm watched the news with his mother as he typed rapidly on his Helio tablet.  Allaric Hemping was given ten million dollars by the Between Towns’ city council.  Alejandra was healing, Event Horizon had blocked most of the explosion with his body armour, but three of the banks tellers were dead along with five of its customers.  The news commentator suggested Hemping knew Alejandra would be interviewing Event Horizon in front of the bank.  “If so, there could be bombs anywhere,” the anchorwoman said.  “Ambulances were too small so a cube van was brought in to take Event Horizon, I assume to the hospital.  Nothing more has been heard of him since the explosion.”

He hacked into an e-mail account in Ireland and used it to break into Helio Industries’ secure website.  It took him an hour to find the schematics for the suit he had found years ago.  The download said it would take two minutes.  After the first minute his screen went blank.

“Don’t you need to get to Joe’s?” he heard his mother ask.  Whoever her shrink was he or she was making a tremendous difference to his mother.  For the first time in his life she sounded aware of her surroundings.

“I forgot,” he replied, shutting the tablet down.

It took him three hours to fix the TV’s, monitors, and laptops Joe had waiting for him.  He spent the next hour trying to get his tablet to turn back on.

At home he was still trying to get it to work when he heard the balcony outside their third storey apartment creak.  First he checked on his mother, who was in bed, next he went to the kitchen where a door they never used led to the rusting wrought iron balcony.  There was no mistaking who was waiting for him.  He pried the door open.

“Got your laptop,” the deep voice boomed at him.

“Yes.”  He went inside and brought it back out.

Event Horizon took the tablet with one hand and placed his other on Norm’s shoulder.  “You were warned about this.  You’re endangering the entire GTA.”

Norm tensed with anger.  “You’re the one who failed to save those people in the bank!”  He grabbed the gauntleted hand on his shoulder and squeezed.  Metal began to bend in.

“Now I know why they wanted your blood,” Event Horizon said with disbelief in his voice.

Norm felt heat brush against him.  Event Horizon’s cape billowed out and he began to rise into the air.  Norm let go of the gauntlet.

“Let me work with you!” he shouted as the black suit disappeared into the night.

Clenching his fists he went into his room, and searched under his bed for the test tube with his blood.  He pulled out the cork.  His thumb touched the end of the cork that was inside the test tube.  The blood seeped back into his skin.

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