Preterhuman Normal

Part Thirteen                                                                    August 11, 2016


He pulled on his dark brown Anfibio all-weather mid cut boots.  Cleanliness and how you look is important, a girl in high school pointed out to him.

Sitting on the floor before school he watched the news with his mother.  The demise of Levitar meant someone else had to stop Allaric Hemping.  Norm decided that would be him and Tabby.  The man in the black outfit, who tossed Softie’s car around so they could save his mother, stepped up first.  The suit was almost identical to Levitar’s but bulkier and much taller.  The black cape with the stone grey undercover humped in the back giving the figure a hunch-back appearance that Norm hadn’t noticed before.

“Who are?” Alejandra asked as she stared up at the huge suited figure standing before Between Towns’ Royal Bank on Frazetta Street.

“Call me Event Horizon,” the figure said with a deep, English RP accent, through a circular speaker the size of a silver dollar.

“You are from England?” Alejandra asked.  Norm could see her standing on her tiptoes, trying to make out the face behind the visor.

“I won’t tell you where I’m originally from but I have lived in Canada for a long time.  I will not let Allaric Hemping destroy another–.”

The double glass front doors of the bank blew out and the screen went blank.  “No!” Norm said from the floor.

“You better go to school,” his mother said and he could hear the trepidation in her voice.

Norm left the apartment with his knapsack as anger seethed inside him.  He went to his Geography class determined to build a suit with Tabby and rid the GTA of Allaric Hemping.

“Hey Norm,” he heard a girl say beside him in class.

“Hey,” he said back keeping his face towards the top of his desk.

“Do you think you could help me with a math project?” she asked.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw her moving her hips ever so slightly.  He glanced up.  “You know the Royal Bank blew up, right?”

She smiled at him with pouty lips.  Her straight black hair with its blue highlights accentuated the cognac brown of her almond shaped eyes.  “I heard; that’s really sad.  Can we meet at lunch-time?”

“Sure, Aisha,” he said with a grumble.  He didn’t understand how the news didn’t affect everyone else as much as it did him.

At lunch-time he sat at a nearly empty table.  Aisha came in and sat across from him with her lunch and math project.  She wore a black T-shirt with “Mars Landing” written on the front in brick red.  He pulled her paper over and read the instructions.

“I have a pencil if you want to write anything,” she said sliding one over.

He took the pencil and started writing down sentences and calculations to answer the questions.

“We went to Elementary and Junior High together,” she said as he wrote.

“I know,” he replied taking another bite of his tuna sandwich.

“To be honest,” she said with a laugh, “you use to come into classes with dirt on your face and shabby looking clothing.  You kind of smelt like old, sweaty socks.”

“Our plumbing didn’t always work until I learned how to fix it,” he replied.  He remembered looking through the garbage behind Kirby’s Plumbing and finding soldering, and old pieces of copper piping.

“Saw you on the football team,” she continued.  “You’re still an amazing athlete, and super smart.”

He slid her answers over to her.  “I have to go, Aisha.”

Aisha drew her index finger along the sheet of paper.  “I was hoping you would work with me on the project, not do it for me.”

“It’s easy, you really didn’t need my help,” he said and left for the library.  He had a spare after lunch and wanted to research jetpacks.  And the library had a NO TALKING rule.

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