Preterhuman Normal

Part Nine                                                                                    August 4, 2016

He grabbed his spare goggles and hobbled into the bathroom setting his Blackberry on the sink counter.  From inside the vanity he pulled out a bottle of Rain-X Anti-Fog spray.  Never go into battle with untried equipment he was told; sage advice from a villain.

The white Citroen slammed on its brakes so he and Ms. Grady were right behind it.  Norm saw the right rear signal light slide out and up.  Something spilt onto the road.

“Shoot!” he heard Ms. Grady say as she swerved towards the side of the road.

Norm pressed his hands against the dashboard as he felt the car drop closer to the ground.  The Audi banged off the railing and the driver’s side of the car lifted off the ground.  “Lean my way!” Ms. Grady shouted.

He leaned until his forehead touched the gun she kept in her lap.  A jolt went through his spine as the car dropped back down.  The car slid to a stop and his head banged into the steering wheel.

“Are you okay?” Ms. Grady asked as he felt her pushing him away.

“Yes,” he replied rubbing the side of his head.  He saw her push something on the side of the steering column and underneath as the Citroen raced down the highway.  His heart panged.  Would Softie still find the blood and let his mother go?

Ms. Grady got out of the Audi and started kicking spiked ball bearings off the road.  As she did he felt the car rise up to its original height.  She jumped back in and put on her seatbelt.  “Should have told you about seatbelts,” she apologized.  The car started moving as he snapped his on.

“Will we catch them?” he asked.

“Someone will,” she replied, pressing harder onto the accelerator.  The Citroen turned right onto an empty country road with deep ditches and no rails.

Norm heard a loud clap sound overhead.  In the sky he saw a black figure slowing down as it shot past them.  The Audi sped up and he could just see the white Citroen turn into Taylor Creek’s parking lot.  The dark figure matched the speed of the car, flying just above its roof.

The dark figure dropped onto the Citroen’s roof and grabbed a hold of it.  Black smoke from the car’s tires obscured his sight as the car was yanked up into the air.  He heard a terrible crashing sound as the black figure dropped the car on its side.

“Is that a person?” he asked.

“I think so,” Ms. Grady replied but she didn’t sound that surprised.

The person in the black outfit wore a helmet with a silver lining around the rim.  As they came closer he could see the helmet had a visor.  He strained to see but the face was hidden behind the tinting.  Norm’s jaw dropped as he saw the person in black push the Citroen so it rolled until it lay on its side against a maple tree.  The person in black glanced his way before shooting into the air.

Ms. Grady pulled the Audi to the side of the parking lot road.  He saw her holding the gun against her belly as they hurried to the mangled Citroen.

“Are you okay?” he heard her shout into the shattered driver window.

“That lisp is like music to my ears,” he heard Softie say inside.

“Where is the boy’s mother?” Ms. Grady said with a hushed voice.

“Are you going to help us?” Softie asked and Norm realized he was becoming entranced by that voice.

He shook his head.  “Where’s my mother?” he asked.

“And what do I get in return?”  Softie’s soothing voice now sounded malicious.

Norm took his baton and rammed the point into Softie’s hand where it rested on the steering wheel.

“That hurt!”

Norm drove the end into Softie’s temple.

“Okay,” he heard.  “Warehouse on Devon Street.  I still like you Normy, we’re going to meet again.  Under my terms.”

Norm’s head rocked back.  He instinctively touched the forehead of his bicycle helmet where Softie had punched him.  It was cracked.  “Hope you have a spare, oversized helmet.”  Softie said smiling at him with his unusually wide grin.  “Always have a spare Normy, and get something that fits.”  Norm saw Softie’s fist shoot out towards his face again.  He threw his head back and moved away.

“Darling,” he heard a sensual, throaty voice say, “It’s not very comfortable in here.  I’ll let you know what it’s like later.”

Ms. Grady pulled him further back.  He watched in disbelief as she took out her gun and shot both of them.

Ms. Grady turned to him.  “They won’t remember the last twenty-four hours.”

“You didn’t kill them?”

“No.  We stop the criminals, the justice system judges them.”

“Won’t my mother be in danger again?”


Sirens blared behind him and Norm turned to see two police cars followed by a fire truck and ambulance.

“You’re taller than me, pull the darts out of their necks,” Ms. Gady said as she walked back to the Audi.

Norm had to climb half way in the driver’s window to reach and pull out the dart from Dr. Caligulass’s neck.  He was just yanking the dart out of Softie’s neck when he felt a large hand on his shoulder.

“Are they still alive, son?” a deep voice asked.  He turned and saw a fireman standing behind him.  A little farther back another fireman held the Jaws of Life.

“Yes, sir but you should hurry,” he said, slipping the darts into his jeans.  Don’t poke me he thought as he walked over to the Audi where Ms. Grady was giving a police officer an account of what she saw.

“We’ll skip the park today and we should go so we’re out of the way,” she said to him with a motherly smile.

“Yeah,” is all he could think to say.

Once they were in the Audi and moving he undid the button of his jeans and carefully reached inside his underwear.

“What are you doing!?” Ms. Grady asked.

His face turned red.  “Had to put the darts somewhere!”

He saw her shake her head and laugh.  “Let’s get your mother.”

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