Preterhuman Normal

Part Eight                                                                                   August 1, 2016


He walked around the living room of his Condo, warming up his injured leg.  So much had happened he wasn’t sure who threw him out of dangers way after he was shot.  You have to learn patience to know who your true friends are.

Norm stared at the pizza box as he sharpened a steak knife while he waited for water to boil.  He thought Ms. Grady had sent the pizza with a message inside.  But no!  It was from Softie.  The water boiled so he dipped the knife’s blade in and held it there for a minute.  Helio Industries would pay for not helping him.  But Softie was first on his list.  The time for not hurting people was over.

He had to press the blade into his right palm with all his might before a trickle of blood came out.  The wound healed so fast he had to repeat the procedure over and over again.  Cut, let the blood drip into the vial, and cut again.  It hurt to the point that his eyes blurred with tears and his body shook with shock.  A little more he thought when he heard banging on the door.

He put the knife down and hunched his shoulders.  The door was open before the person behind it could blink.  “What?” he said with a growl.

“We need to hurry,” said Ms. Grady.  She was dressed in a dark green bodysuit with purple greaves, poleyns, cuisses, and vambraces.  It looked like she was wearing a corset under her bodysuit.

“It’s too late,” Norm said as he started to close the door.

“We’ve been tracking him for some time Norman,” she said with her slight lisp, pushing her way into the apartment.  “I wasn’t going to involve you but—my help is preoccupied right now.”

“Hold on.”  Norm hurried into the kitchen and placed the test tube with his blood into the fridge.  Better to have a backup plan in case Ms. Grady couldn’t find Softie and Ms. Caligulass.  He grabbed the baton he had taken off the Helio Industries security guard.

Ms. Grady led him to her cherry red Audi R8.  Norm got into the passenger side and immediately noticed a difference.  Holograph dials and buttons covered her dashboard.  In the centre he saw a map of Between Towns with a blinking red dot on Main Street.

“He’s stuck in traffic.  I was rushed but see if any of these fit,” she said as she pulled a white duffel bag from behind her seat.

He pulled out a bicycle helmet with a Bluetooth mic.  It was loose when he tried it on.

“Just tighten the straps as best you can,” Ms. Grady told him as she turned a corner.

Norm slipped on a pair of gloves that were one size too big and a vest that looked similar to the ones police wear.

The car turned onto Main Street.  He saw Ms. Grady reach under her seat and pull out a gun with a long barrel and place it in her lap.

“People like Softie are very arrogant,” she said to him as she steered the car through traffic.  “That’s their only weakness.  They are also devious, strong, fast and quite intelligent.  He probably wants you to join his gang and that’s why he took your mother.”

Norm stared out the front window looking for the red Citroen Aircross SUV.  “He wants my blood.”

Ms. Glady glanced at him in shock.  “Why would he want your blood?” she asked in a quiet lisp.

Norm could tell she was talking to herself and not him so he stayed quiet.  Ahead he could see a white Citroen Aircross.  He looked from the map to Ms. Grady.

“Devious isn’t he?” she said keeping her eyes on the car.  “The SUV can change colour.”

The Citroen turned onto Don Valley Parkway.

“He’s getting ahead!” Norm said his eyes glued to the Citroen as it weaved past other vehicles.

“We have to wait until he pulls over or goes where there aren’t any other cars,” she told him.  “The longer he doesn’t know we’re trailing him the better.”

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