Preterhuman Normal

Part Seven                                                                               July 31, 2016


He glanced at his Blackberry DTEK50’s screen.  No return to Call of Duty message yet.  But you’re always on call for family.

The message said nothing about where he should drop off his blood to get his mother back!  He looked up Dr. Caligulass on his Helio tablet but there was no information.  No hidden site to break into!

He heard a knock at the door.  A lanky man wearing a red and white uniform with matching baseball cap stood there with a large white pizza box with the words Fingerlicking Good Pizza written in black magic marker.  “Hey,” the man said with a husky voice.  He gave Norm a toothy grin as he passed him the pizza box.  “Compliments of Helio Industries.”

“I’ll get you a tip,” Norm told him as he searched his pockets but couldn’t find any money.

“Sure,” the man said.

Norm took the pizza box to the kitchen.  He found four dollars in change and hurried back to the door.  The man was gone.

He returned to the kitchen and flipped open the pizza box.   Fingers covered the pepperoni, cheese, and mushroom toppings.  Norm gagged.  In the centre he saw a small, pink envelope beside a test tube with a stopper.  His hand shook as he pulled the envelope off the cheese.

The message was written in semi-circular lines.

When you’re busy you forget things Normy.  I—forgot to tell you how to give me your blood.  It’s Easy!  Cut yourself, gouge yourself, but fill the vial.  Leave it in the fridge and go away .  RETURN THE DAYAFTER.  You’ll find your mom happily sitting, drinking, smoking, watching the news on your wonderful sofa.  IF you do it Today she’ll be able to hold a remote with all her fingers.



PS The fingers are delicious

Norm took a butter knife and poked one of the fingers.  It split easily with cream custard inside.  With an evil grin he sat down and ate a few of the fingers before he started on the pizza.  Was there a time he had ever bled?  He couldn’t think of one.  But he would fill the vial.   And when he got his mother back he was going to teach Softie and Helio Technologies what a smart, fast, and strong teenager could do.

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