Preterhuman Normal

Part Six                                                                          July 30, 2016

Different polymers layered with Kevlar are the common material for body shielding.  Norm slipped on a pre-used cuisse over his injured thigh.  He didn’t have a lot of time to re-engage and it reminded him that desperation shows you who you really care about.

Since nearly killing Kyle Whittleway he had tried not to be confrontational or violent.  Now what choice did he have?  Dr. Caligulass and the man with the whitish-pink irises had his mother!  He ran towards Helio Technologies.

The front of the building stood six stories high with modern cobalt blue steel and long silver coloured windows.  He stopped down the street to watch people showing their badges to a huge security guard.  Norm took out his Blackberry and typed in Ms. Abigail Grady’s name.  He saw her picture and a short description underneath that told him she was Vice President of Helio Technologies.  Below her title he saw her contact information.  He clicked into her e-mail and typed:  I need you my mother is a prisoner in our apartment of Dr. Caligulass and a dangerous sort of albino man.  Norm Nethers.  As he typed he kept an eye on the road for the red Citroen Aircross.

Speed was something he knew how to use.  He slipped in behind a tall man waiting to get into the building.  As the security guard checked the man’s badge, Norm dashed inside.  He didn’t stop running until he got to the front desk where another male security guard stood.

The security guard blinked when Norm suddenly appeared before him.  “How did you get here?” The man asked.  “Where’s your badge?”  Without hesitating the guard started talking into a Bluetooth mic attached to a headset.  “We have–.”

Norm put his hand over the mic.  “I e-mailed Ms. Grady,” he said feeling tears fill his lower eyelid.  “My mother is in trouble and I need help getting her back from some bad people.”

“You need to leave here right now son,” the guard said putting his hand over Norm’s.

“You need to get help for my mother!” Norm hissed at him.

The guard tried to pull Norm’s hand away but couldn’t.

Norm felt a pain across the back of his shoulders.  He whipped around and grabbed a telescoping baton off the door guard.  The guard’s jaw dropped and he stepped back with his hands up.  Norm glanced back at the other guard and said: “My apartment, she’ll know.”  He looked at the guard who had hit him.  “I need this,” he said holding up the baton.

“Kid, you’re making a mistake,” the guard replied with hands still up.

“Just remember I never hurt you,” Norm replied and he ran out of the building.

The Citroen Aircross was gone!  He held the baton in ready as he entered his apartment.  No smoke, no voices!  In the kitchen, under a new pack of Marlboro Special Blend he saw a pink sticky note with semi-circular writing on it.

Your beautiful, wonderful mother is going to spend some time with me and my friends.  She has such exquisite hands!  One delicate finger for every day you don’t give me a sample of your fascinating blood.  Unless I get impatient!  She probably won’t appreciate the name ‘Stumpy’.

Yours in good health


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