Preterhuman Normal

Part Three   July 25, 2016


He flexed the knee of the injured thigh and grimaced.  Already the a burning sensation surrounded his wound.  It hurt real bad but he knew he was already healing.  He was ten when he learned fighting wasn’t a good idea if you had no idea how to control your uncommon strength.


Norm won at sports and scored the highest in tests and projects.  Shows of strength or speed didn’t mean anything to him, he was always a geek at heart and Habby Brooks was the only person who could almost keep up to his thinking.  So they tried to be in the same groups or be partners when it came to school projects.  Habby was also the only person Norm ever invited to his house.  The first time it happened Habby went on and on about how he wished he was as strong and fast as Norm.  Norm handed him a soldering iron he found in an old tool box someone threw away.  “Help me get this radio to work,” he said.  Maybe it was the way he looked at Habby when he said it but the boy never talked about how we wished he had Norm’s strength or speed again.

Kyle Whittleway beat up anyone who didn’t share their candy or lunch money with him when he asked.  He left Norm alone but talked trash about him when he wasn’t around.   Norm didn’t care and he didn’t challenge Kyle’s claim to toughest kid in Grade Five.  Habby had asthma and now wore thick glasses that made his eyes look huge because of poor eyesight.  Kyle decided Habby was the perfect person to take lunch money from.  That wasn’t okay with Norm.

Kyle wasn’t a big kid but he was stalky and compared to others he was strong.  His parents had enrolled him in Karate when he was four and now he had his brown belt.  Talk is a big part of intimidation with kids.  A lot of toughness comes from how cool you act and how vigorously you make your claims of hurting the other person if they don’t do what you say.

Norm didn’t know how to fight.  If someone chased him while he searched in garbage for electronics or picked up cigarette butts off the curb for his mother, he just outran them.  This was different.  He was the aggressor this time and he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Kyle!” he said in the boy’s washroom at 10 a.m. that morning.

“Hey Norm,” Kyle replied, the toughness in his voice missing.  Two of Kyle’s friends were also at the urinals.  That was something Norm noticed, Kyle was almost never alone.

“Back off Habby!” he warned.

Kyle looked scared for a moment until Norm saw him glance at his two friends.  “Or what?”

“I’ll hurt you,” Norm replied.

Kyle made a pfft sound.  “Meet me at the park after school punk,” Kyle said staring up into Norm’s face as his two friends stepped to either side of him.  “And so you know, when I’m done with you, I’m gonna beat the snot out of your freaky fatheaded friend.”

“Four O’clock,” Norm said, “Or I’ll come to your home.”  He sounded far tougher than he felt as he walked out.  His heart pounded.  He would go to the park but he didn’t know what he would do.

“You’ll kill him,” Habby said as Norm walked silently towards the park.

He could see a large group of students already there.  It reminded him of the train race.  Be like Levitar he thought and this time don’t lose.  “Go home Habby.”


“If I lose he’s going to come after you.”

“You won’t lose,” Habby replied and Norm felt more at ease.

He felt shaky as he walked past students he knew and didn’t.  There were Grade Six students there, inciting the younger students to chant:  “Fight, fight!”

Kyle was in the centre punching and kicking the air while his friends yelled “You’ll kill him Kyle.”

Kyle did a spinning roundhouse that caught Norm in the face.  He expected it to hurt but it didn’t.  A look of surprise crossed Kyle’s face.  Kyle jabbed him in the nose.  It stung but not too bad.  Norm charged in and grabbed the front of Kyle’s shirt.  He wrapped his right arm around Kyle’s neck in a choke hold he’d seen on Wrestling.  Kyle’s knees buckled to the ground and Norm let him go.

Norm froze.  Everyone was silent until one of the Grade Sixers knelt down beside Kyle.  “He’s breathing.”

“Let’s go,” Norm said to Habby.

“You won!” Habby shouted out.

“Yeah, hurry.”


“Because I don’t ever want to almost kill someone again.”

I will be continuing with Preterhuman Normal  Wed. July 27  This is an attempt to honor the Superhero with out graphics (so far) so be a part of it and let me know your thoughts.




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