Preterhuman Normal


It’s in the water


Part One  July 24, 2016


He pulled the bullet out of his thigh with tweezers made from surgical steel and dropped the casing into a steel bowl.  Who first said all the freaks creeped out of Between Town’s  woodworks after Levitar first appeared?  He was five, watching TV with his mother when the first superhero in Between Town appeared.

Norma Nethers sat on the creaking couch in their moldy apartment with the dripping pipes while drinking cheap wine and smoking the thrown away butts of cigarettes Norm had found for her that day.  He sat cross-legged on the floor staring up at their 32” LED TV watching Midtown News anchorwoman Alejandra Ceto talk to a very tall man wearing a bourbon colored Corinthian helmet so only his eyes were visible.  He wore black overalls covered by a bourbon cuirass, and brick red plates that covered his forearms, groin, and knees.  A billowing blue cape covered his back from his broad shoulders to bulging calves.

“How do you fly into the air?” Alejandra asked him in her sensual, Spanish voice as wind whipped her long blonde hair across her beautiful oval face. Even at five he could see the intrigue in her dark blue eyes for this mysterious man.

“I levitate, not fly,” he answered with a deep, caring voice.

“Could you give us a demonstration?”

“Of course!  Would you like to join me?”

“Okay, but what should the World call you?” she asked slipping off her white French heels.

Norm watched wide eyed as the tall man slipped his one arm around Alejandra’s tailored stonecutter grey suit jacket and the other at the hem of her grey skirt just behind her knees.  He hefted her once.  “Call me, Levitar.”  Norm’s jaw dropped as he saw the two of them shoot into the air so all the street level cameraman could film was a dot in sky.

“Isn’t he amazing Normy?” his mother said, squinting her eyes as she blew out a cloud of smoke.

“Yes,” he replied, watching as Levitar returned to Earth and gently set Alejandra down.

The news skipped to Alejandra standing in the newsroom studio talking about Levitar’s achievements as images of the Midtown superhero played on a screen just to her left.  Norm saw Levitar push a derailed train back onto the tracks.  In the next clip he saved a young child who had fallen into a zoo display full of orangutans.

“Mom!  I want to be like Levitar,” he said as the news turned to the weather.

“Oh, darling,” his mother said, “We don’t even know if he’s human.  Just be a normal boy.”

Norm got to his feet and jumped into the air.  His hands touched the nine foot ceiling.  He landed as quietly as he jumped.   He tried to levitate but maybe he just didn’t know how to yet.

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