Part Three July 16, 2016


One day, working in his father’s blacksmith shop, the heat of the summer equinox had made him dizzy so his father called told Bran to cool off in Slivan’s stream.  As he bathed in the stream he heard a girl screaming.  Forgetting his clothes he grabbed the nearest stick and ran towards the screams.

In the distance he could see two boys throwing stones at a kneeling figure.  As he came closer he heard:  “Royal Bitch!  Royal Bitch!”  He knew the voices.  The two boys were old school comrades of his, Larry and Jespo.  He stopped for a moment and rubbed his eyes for Larry and Jespo had died in a canoeing accident a year before.  He saw the kneeling figure was a girl in a torn yellow blouse and emerald green skirt.  Her long brunette hair hung past her waist.  He did not understand why her appearance overwhelmed his sight.

He dashed after the two boys with his stick.  As they ran away he saw that their bodies were pale, and dead skin hung from the bones of their arms.  Larry and Jespo continued to shout “Royal Bitch” as they disappeared over a knoll.

Bran remembered vividly kneeling beside her, only to blush as her green eyes examined his uncovered body.  He tried to turn his head from her for her eyes entranced him.  He couldn’t help staring at the oval face with its small nose and quivering lips.  “Are you alright?” he asked, his voice cracking.  She stared at him in silence.  He looked at the ground fearful he would disappear in those eyes.  She undid the top two buttons of her blouse, confusing him of her intentions.

A jewel with swirls of blue and turquoise lay against her chest.  She slid the silver over her head and placed it around his neck.  His eyes closed with the feel of her fingers against his skin.  Never had he felt so close to someone.  Even in that short time, in the silence that she kept him in, he felt as if he were divided in two.  As if he was looking into a pool with a reflection of one half of himself.  Just as he began to look up, her moist lips pressed against his.  Blood from a cut on her upper lip slowly trickled into his mouth as she touched the jewel were it lay against his chest.

“When we are older it will lead you to me,” she said.  She stood up and straightened her clothes.  “It would have burned you if our destinies were not as one.”

“When will we meet?” he asked.

Once more she stared into his eyes, “I don’t know when, I just feel it throughout my soul.”  She smiled, “I thought I would be safe here from the answering undead so I slipped away from my protector to be alone for awhile.  He will be searching for me so I must return.  Always wear the jewel by your heart,” she called out as she dashed away.

He could not move as her lithe body disappeared into the distance.  All he could do was lick his lip to keep her blood, a symbol to himself, that they were now joined.

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